“Diet” Is A Four Letter Word

Well, I mean, obviously.

But in this case I mean in the pejorative sense.


Friend or foe? Depends on the diet.

Diets are means by which dieters are deliberately set up to fail while others profit from their failures.  They are also means of psychologically manipulating dieters into hating food and so treating food as an enemy.

Dieters are also manipulated into hating their bodies so that they will go on diets which then fail so they go on more diets which again fail.  It becomes a vicious cycle that leaves the dieter as a victim of engineered failure and psychological damage.

Don’t believe the lies.  Diets never work.  Diet companies and diet drugs are just economic gimmicks that these companies capitalize on to make money off of perfectly healthy people by convincing them that they are fat/overweight/obese and that diet and losing weight is the cure. 

To repeat myself:

Step One: Promote unrealistic image of beauty and health.  Claim that looking like this is easily obtainable.

Step Two: Use mathematical hack that is baseless to “factually” prove that most of the country is severely overweight and obese.  Do not use actual, quantifiable, verifiable data.  Claim that this is a major crisis that is much, much worse than terrorism (or any sort of violence).

Step Three: Claim that it is a moral failing, or even better a personal choice, to be fat and so demand that people need to go on diets.  Remember to claim and proclaim often that the image of beauty in Step One is obtainable and all you have to do is lose weight.

Step Four: Create diets and/or diet drugs that don’t actually work.  Publish unrealistic results of studies that “prove” your diet/diet drug works and that anyone can lose weight with your method. Do not disclose side effects.  Keep reiterating that image of beauty.  Make promises you cannot keep.

Step Five: Keep building up panic about “obesity” while continuing to claim that the image of beauty is obtainable.  Guilt and shame people who do not comply.  Come up with new diets and/or diet drugs that do not work but promise otherwise.  Do not look at actual health statistics.  Tweak image of beauty and health so that it reflects an impossible standard that is anorexic is the new thin. Create new hacks to determine new levels of “obesity ” without actually defining the term.  Manipulate existing health studies to say the exact opposite of their results or make up studies or conduct studies funded by the diet companies that prove what you want.

Step Six: Rinse, repeat, make lots of money.  Keep Step Two and Five in the news, keep building panic.

What You Should Really Do:

Step One: Do Not Diet.  Unless you have a medical condition that requires restricting food or eliminating foods (diabetes, food allergies, food intolerances, etc.), diets are useless and should be avoided. 

Try Intuitive Eating instead. Intuitive eating means listening to your body and what it craves.  If you want a cookie, eat a cookie.  No, you will not go wild and eat cookies for the rest of your life.  Diets make food forbidden so when you start intuitive eating your brain has to reset.  You have to “go wild” for a while so that you learn and understand that diets lie. So while you might eat cookies for a few weeks, eventually your body will crave fruits and veggies and will want those more than the cookies.

Do Not Read Diet Books or Beauty Magazines.  They are pure fiction and highly Photo Shopped.  Read fat positive books instead.  Or real fiction.  Your public library can help you find awesome new reads.

Do not read news articles about health or diet.  They really just advertising not truth.  They lie about long term, sustained weight loss (which is defined as losing 10 percent and keeping it off for only a year.)  After five years, just about everyone has gained back the weight they lost.  There are no studies that go beyond this because they would prove that all diets fail and that would mean loss of money.  Lies make money, not truth.

Step Two: Get moving.  Call it exercise but get your body moving.  Find something you like and do it.  Dance, yoga, swimming, running, walking, etc. but find something.  If you don’t like running, don’t run.  I think runners are crazy unless there are zombies involved.  Then you probably need some really awesome weapons and unlimited ammo. Or, you know, avoid the whole zombie apocalypse all together.  But move.


Zombie! Run away! Run away! These guys don't worry about diet or exercise. Just brains.

Most importantly :  Accept who you are.  You are the only you there is and will ever be.  Your body is nothing to be ashamed of or something to hate.  You are not deserving of hate.  No one is.  Don’t believe the lies.  Love yourself as you are right now.



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