Working on Not Freaking Out

I hate being stressed though today that hasn’t been much of an issue, yet.

I did make it to Confession last night and only a minute or so late for Mass this morning.  Mostly due to the fact that I could barely sleep.

The weather is currently nice, being cloudy  and cooler.  And a sprinkle here and there.  I love the smell of rain in the air though it’s currently being overridden by gasoline due to my neighbor working on his truck.

So I am a bit calmer but still anxious.  No hair tearing, though.  It helps that I make To Do lists.  I planned out what I need for tomorrow and have most of it prepped already.  Still need to make lunch for tomorrow and put out shoes but most everything else is ready.  Planning and lists help.

Now my biggest worry is getting up early enough and leaving early.  Those are always my biggest worries.  I can set my alarm and reminders and what not but I still worry.  I hate super strict attendance policies and idiot coworkers that want you there super early so they can get in your pants (garbage from dealing with evil security company).  Thankfully, I did have coworkers that didn’t care if I was super early or not as long as I showed up and let them go home.   Twelve hour shifts are long and so going home is all you want to do at the end of your shift. Especially when dealing with idiot fellow officers and supervisors.

Now I have to get used to working Monday through Friday, eight hour day (with what looks like a one hour lunch).  I’ve never worked a job schedule like this.

The view out my living room window, sitting on my sofa.


I love seeing trees.  I normally don’t have the blinds open like this but I put the fan up on the sill to suck in the cooler air so the blinds had to go up.  And the black thingy sticking out on the left side is the back of my not working TV that hasn’t worked in two years.  It needs taken to Goodwill but it’s heavy and takes two people to carry it.



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