And On The Second Day…

I want to quit.

I also want to fire two of my coworkers because they chose not to listen or are not willing to grasp the material.  And one of those has latched on to me and wants be to be her BFF.  It’s like Wannabe Funycath all over again.  She has already gotten on my nerves. Yesterday.  Less than eight hours.  And she won’t shut up or quit asking inane questions or add her useless two cents to every conversation. And she has to top everything.   The other one asks the same inane questions and can’t seem to take in any information at all.

I honestly wanted to bite people’s heads off.  I can’t stand people that won’t shut up and listen.  Asking too many questions means you’re not paying attention and not learning the material. 

And I had to deal with all this plus finding out I wasn’t told the whole deal about my job on three hours of sleep.  Plus only four the night before. 

Thankfully, I didn’t start crying until I got in my car.  Then I had to deal with traffic.  I just want to go to bed and have this day be over but I still need to eat dinner.

A lousy day overall.



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