Getting Over The Hump Into Thursday

I meant to update yesterday but it didn’t happen.

Bored out of mind.

That women is still irritating and getting on my nerves.  She is exactly like Wannabe Funycath in manner, behavior, and speech especially volume.   And she keeps violating my personal space.

But the library summer reading party was pretty good.  My team, well mostly me and my other team mates would say it, won Trivial Pursuit after being far behind.  So I won a gift certificate.

I am resigned to the fact that my job is not what I want to do and that I probably will be stuck in it until my temp time is up and even then.

I am reminded too much of evil security company.  I’m worried about failing and being written up (even though they don’t do write ups) or put through remedial training or even fired.  My brain, my body are still geared for dealing with evil security company and all their garbage.

And that woman. Oy, I wish she would go away.

Still bored and annoyed at all the endless questions people ask.

Then I came home and had to deal with my one neighbor who had to talk at me and give me useless info.

So I’m fed up and tired and stressed out.

At least I have cheesecake and only one more day this week



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