End of The Week

I’m glad it’s Friday and this week is over. 

I was so pissed in class this morning that I walked out.  It looked like a bathroom break but it was me walking out on all the idiocy.  The class was only half full since some were shadowing but the two big idiots were still there.  And the woman was so invasive and rude.  I had to walk out.  Hell, I was fighting tears.  This wasn’t fucking brain surgery but this idiot (I really need to come up with a moniker for her) refused to shut up and listen and kept talking and talking and talking and talking.

I did end up in tears after I got in my car after all that shit. I finally got the call about my dripping bathroom sink but had my phone turned off all afternoon so didn’t get the voice mail until after 5.    I was crying on the way.  I stopped for food and groceries since I wasn’t wanting to deal with the next door neighbor today.  That helped a little.  But then I get home with a maintenance sign on the door saying they found no issue which sent me back over the edge.  So I guess I’m fixing it myself which is what I had been trying to avoid.  Though I may try the apt manager on Monday.  We’ll see.

And I am still resigned to the job.  At least till I find something better. 

Too long of a week.  I’m glad it’s done.  I hope that woman doesn’t come back because she is just too much. 



Type this later, if I remember.

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