Laundry and Anxiety

No, laundry doesn’t cause me anxiety.  I’m currently doing laundry at the laundromat. I finally had the money to do laundry properly instead of in the bathroom sink.  Don’t get me wrong, doing laundry in the sink isn’t hard but you can do more at the laundromat.


Wheeeee! Washer: an amusement park ride for clothes.

And who doesn’t like clean clothes? And sheets and pillow cases?

A nice boring Saturday even if it is humid.  Ehh, no big deal.

But the anxiety has started to lessen this week.  While I felt I was nearly late for work yesterday  (I wasn’t  since I leave so early), I wasn’t so stressed out.  Thursday I even had an appetite when I got home from work which was good since I hadn’t really been hungry for the last two weeks.  And even though I felt late yesterday there wasn’t someone breathing down my neck about being on time or getting after me about how I’m disrespecting my coworkers by being late (as in not being twenty minutes early but only ten). 

I’m treated like an actual adult here and not a micromanaged child.  I’m not being set up to fail.  Yes, there are expectations but they aren’t unreasonable unlike those at evil security company.  Here they encourage you to ask for help and you aren’t dinged for doing so.  I’m still afraid that this is all a facade and that I’ll screw up and the reality will come out and it will be exactly like evil security company.



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