If You Diet, I Will Love You

-Honey, you’re too fat.  You need to lose some weight.  Then I will love you.  But if you gain weight, I will hate you.

Dieting has nothing to do with health.  Oh, it’s certainly advocated as a cure for “health problems” but in and of itself, dieting has no real purpose except to starve the dieter, turn food into an enemy, base the dieter’s worth on a meaningless number, base a dieter’s worth on someone else’s personal opinion, and pass judgment on a person’s body so as to declare it an acceptable human body or not.

Dieting is all about someone else’s judgement and personal opinion being enshrined as scientific fact.  Which it isn’t.  

Dieting is a threat by one person to make the other person conform, through fear of loss, to the first person’s abuse. 

“If you love me, you will diet.”

“I love you.  Losing the weight will only make me love you more.”

“I’m worried about your health.  Losing weight will make you better.”

“You used to be so pretty.  I know you didn’t mean to get fat, but you did,  and I want the woman/man I first fell in love with.”

These are just some examples of the psychological manipulation that takes place to force people to hurt themselves and their health in the name of love.

Diets are deliberately designed to fail. That’s how the diet industry makes its money. And since we are bombarded with their lies about weight, health, and looks many people go on diets to get people to like them or love them or just to fit in. 

Dieting will not improve your life.  Dieting is a deliberate means of setting people up to fail and fail big so that they keep coming back. It’s abusive because it devalues people and says that they are only worthy of love and affection if they are a size 2 and 90 pounds. 

Love and acceptance should never be based on physical looks.  A person’s body is not good or bad because of its size or shape.  A body does not have monetary value and should not be judged on arbitrary, capricious standards.

So diet is a four letter word and is physically, verbally, and psychologically abusive. No one deserves to be abused so don’t diet.  You do not have to change your body to fit someone else’s unrealistic demands.



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