To Those Commenters

To Those Commenters:

You know who you are.  The attacks, the lies, the name calling, the vitriol do not endear you to me.  Telling me I’m stupid and that I know nothing about guns or crime does not help you.  It’s just an attack because you do not want to take seriously anything I have to say.  It makes you sound like a juvenile and unintelligent troll.

I don’t mind disagreement but I saw nothing but attacks. Attacks done just because you could.  That just makes you a bully and a coward.  I don’t like bullies.  I’ve been bullied enough in my life. I don’t have to take it on my blog. So I deleted your comments.

Take your attacks and abuse and go home. Nobody likes a bully or a know-it-all.


P.S. I have two bachelor’s degrees: one in Anthropology with a solid grounding in Sociology and the other in Criminal Justice.  I know my shit so shut up.

P.P.S. Oregon does have pretty strong gun laws.  The shooter got his guns legally so changing the laws would have done very little to change that. It’s closing the barn doors after the horses have left.

P.P.P.S. Mental illness is not a bogeyman and not relevant in this shooting. The shooter was quite sane but since we don’t want to wrap our heads around that fact that he chose to deliberately commit mass murder we blame mental illness instead.



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