When You Don’t Realize It’s Going to Be A Bad Day

I actually meant to run errands today.  Instead I took a nap I didn’t need and ended up in negative headspace and a reason to go to Confession on Saturday.   I hate depression and this chronic tiredness that seems to inhabit me except when I should be in bed sleeping, you know like at a reasonable hour.

I feel so unproductive. I mean, I could still go to the grocery store. They are open 24/7 but I have food. I just hate that I wasted the day like that.  I wanted to get out of my apartment. But I want to hide, too.

It’s like I need new parts in my brain. My brain doesn’t function like it should sometimes especially when my depression is involved. I feel stuck.

I’m going to try to go to bed around midnight tonight and get up at a reasonable hour instead of going to bed at 5 am and waking up at 2 pm.  I need more daylight.



Type this later, if I remember.

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