That Wasn’t So…

The food stamps bureaucratic thing wasn’t so bad. Found out the reason the rules changed is because the federal waiver for Oregon was revoked or expired. I heard both explanations. Everyone was scrambling to get this federal program in place within a very short time period, like less than a month with everything going live January 1st.

It’s now paperwork that tracks the required volunteering and work search activities with 11 hours for volunteering and 9 hours for the activities to total 20 hours per week and needing 80 hours per month. If you don’t meet those 80 hours, you lose your benefits. The paperwork is due on the last work day of the month.

I did find out about applying for the Oregon Health Plan so I could get back on my meds. So that was a help.

I was freaking out about this. I left super early to give my self enough time to get there. I was certainly panicking and it didn’t help that I only had about three hours of sleep. But once there it wasn’t so bad and ended up being pretty quick. I do have to drive out there at least once a week which kind of sucks and the paperwork is slightly confusing but as long as I have those 80 hours I should be fine. Though I’d rather have a full time job with decent benefits.

So now I need to find places to volunteer.



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