Lingering Frustration

Or why the apartment people need to run psychological testing on current and future tenants. Or that the stupid student loan company lied to me again. Or that Amazon has an idiotic return policy that is a hassle. Or that I should be asleep right now but I’m not tired or sleepy. I am sore … Continue reading Lingering Frustration

My Family Is Messed Up

The short version: my middle sisters are idiots, extremely vain, and self centered. And I’m grateful I don’t communicate with them at all. Now I have a constant low level of irritation to get rid of that’s their fault. Good news: clean laundry. It’s an awesome smell. And I got a shower, dressed, and out … Continue reading My Family Is Messed Up

Roly Poly Oly

Ignore my complaining feet. I had a busy day. Got a lot done as well. With everything I had to do, I spent eight hours running around today. Granted most of it was driving and waiting. I did get a brake light replaced for free because they took so long to fix it. I honestly … Continue reading Roly Poly Oly

Not Again?!?!

Yes, it is snowing. Again. It wasn’t supposed to start until this afternoon but when I woke up at 8:30 there was already snow on the ground. And it had been below freezing (it had been clear when I went to bed just a few short hours earlier) and is still below freezing out there. … Continue reading Not Again?!?!