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Lingering Frustration

Or why the apartment people need to run psychological testing on current and future tenants.

Or that the stupid student loan company lied to me again.

Or that Amazon has an idiotic return policy that is a hassle.

Or that I should be asleep right now but I’m not tired or sleepy. I am sore (library volunteering). And have a mild headache.

But yeah, constant low level frustration and irritation. Next door neighbor has gone off the deep end. He’s basically told me he’s out to ruin the apartment property management, financially. He told me that he wants to sue them so that he can own the property. I won’t quote what he said about the maintenance people or the current managers but he has a pretty bigoted opinion of them.

Then he tells me that he is going to sue the police department. I’m still not entirely sure why but it has to do with another individual (he’s related or his wife/girlfriend/significant other is related to this individual, again not sure) who may or may not have a no trespassing or restraining order against them. 

This does not include all the times he has told how I park my car is against code or that my car is not up to code (both lies) or other shit he has said. Hell, he loves to go on and on and on about codes and laws and how he’s going to force other people to follow the rules. And if they don’t,  he’s going to sue them into bankruptcy or have them arrested. He loves to act like he’s so smart and knows everything but it grates because that’s all he does with me. Tells me what rules are being broken or insulting the managers and the entire time he treats me like I’m just a silly, stupid girl who needs a man to run her life and tell her what to do.

I let the idiot talk because then I don’t have to. Plus, he loves the sound of his own voice and he definitely isn’t going to take anything I say seriously.

I just want him gone.  Allegedly, he may have found a new apartment but I find that difficult to believe. The apartment complex is being inspected later today (hey, it’s after 3 am) and this idiot conspiracy theorist had taped a note to his door threatening that if the managers visit he’s calling the cops. The note is is good handwriting but the spelling is so atrocious you wonder how he ever managed to get through school.  But then he likes to play the big powerful man in charge.

Mind you, he has told me that he has taken guns and gone to attempt to kill someone. He called the police on himself but with a history like that I’m concerned for my safety and others.

I can’t do much unless he does something. I just hope that the alleged other apartment is real and that they move.  But yeah, I’m frustrated and irritated. I dread going out or coming home sometimes because of him and I’m afraid of what he might do. 


My Family Is Messed Up

The short version: my middle sisters are idiots, extremely vain, and self centered. And I’m grateful I don’t communicate with them at all.

Now I have a constant low level of irritation to get rid of that’s their fault.

Good news: clean laundry. It’s an awesome smell. And I got a shower, dressed, and out of my apartment everyday this week.  That’s a good record for me lately. Still a bit sore from Thurs so my neck is stiff and achy due to that and probably slept on it funny. Who knew shelving books would be a workout  (children’s books especially good for lots of movement).


He likes the smell of clean laundry, too. Hence the smile on his face.

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle

Not that book series but I am talking about books.

I started my volunteer hours at the library today. And yes, there is a sparkly section in the picture books for young childre. That is just how awesome our library is.

It wasn’t as bad as my anxiety was making it out to be. I was freaking out last night and so ended up dreaming that my car had been stolen,  the parking lot of my apartment complex was now gravel, that an older version minivan was parked on the (wooden) balcony in front of my apartment but that was because my neighbors were moving out, and that other parts of the apartment complex had been demolished.

But everything turned out okay. My feet hurt but that’s because I walked to the library, was on my feet the entire two hour shift, walked home, and the shoes I was wearing aren’t really that comfortable.

And now for something sparkly.



Princess Sparkle of Spider Riders

Roly Poly Oly

Ignore my complaining feet. I had a busy day. Got a lot done as well.

With everything I had to do, I spent eight hours running around today. Granted most of it was driving and waiting. I did get a brake light replaced for free because they took so long to fix it. I honestly still would have paid because they made me laugh. Though that might have been the lack of sleep. I seem to do better on less sleep (I doubt feel so tired or groggy) than I do with eight or more.

The paperwork that I have to fill out for food stamps isn’t hard but needs some work.  The volunteer hours are the biggest issue right now (I’m waiting to hear back on the one though the application was filled out and sent in Monday).  As long as I have the hours by the last Friday of the month, I should be okay.

Today was one of my better days. Now my feet, knees, and back need to quit whining. It wasn’t that bad.

Not Again?!?! With Photos

So here’s the photographic evidence.


Yes, those are postal vehicles because that's the back of post office.




Yes, that street is indeed going downhill. This town is full of hills because we're right up against the Costal Mountains. And yes, that tree is really freaking tall. There are several of those around town.






My poor car.

Not Again?!?!

Yes, it is snowing. Again.

It wasn’t supposed to start until this afternoon but when I woke up at 8:30 there was already snow on the ground. And it had been below freezing (it had been clear when I went to bed just a few short hours earlier) and is still below freezing out there.

There’s over an inch out there right now. There is no sign of stopping. We’re supposed to get freezing rain later after several inches. And I think there is ice under the snow which I won’t drive on or in. I’m too afraid of getting into another accident.

So I’m not going to Mass today. I wanted to go because I haven’t been out of the apartment since Thursday, it would have been one of my last chances to sing Christmas music, and I needed to go grocery shopping. I’ll still be going out to mail my rent but that’s just a short walk to the post office.

I hate snow. If it would just stay off the roads I would be happy.


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