Roly Poly Oly

Ignore my complaining feet. I had a busy day. Got a lot done as well.

With everything I had to do, I spent eight hours running around today. Granted most of it was driving and waiting. I did get a brake light replaced for free because they took so long to fix it. I honestly still would have paid because they made me laugh. Though that might have been the lack of sleep. I seem to do better on less sleep (I doubt feel so tired or groggy) than I do with eight or more.

The paperwork that I have to fill out for food stamps isn’t hard but needs some work.  The volunteer hours are the biggest issue right now (I’m waiting to hear back on the one though the application was filled out and sent in Monday).  As long as I have the hours by the last Friday of the month, I should be okay.

Today was one of my better days. Now my feet, knees, and back need to quit whining. It wasn’t that bad.



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