Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle

Not that book series but I am talking about books.

I started my volunteer hours at the library today. And yes, there is a sparkly section in the picture books for young childre. That is just how awesome our library is.

It wasn’t as bad as my anxiety was making it out to be. I was freaking out last night and so ended up dreaming that my car had been stolen,  the parking lot of my apartment complex was now gravel, that an older version minivan was parked on the (wooden) balcony in front of my apartment but that was because my neighbors were moving out, and that other parts of the apartment complex had been demolished.

But everything turned out okay. My feet hurt but that’s because I walked to the library, was on my feet the entire two hour shift, walked home, and the shoes I was wearing aren’t really that comfortable.

And now for something sparkly.



Princess Sparkle of Spider Riders



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