Got It Fixed

I still have my food benefits. I spent the last week and a half dealing with the various parts of the state agency that issues/deals with them.  But I finally got the issue resolved. I think I spent a good hour today dealing with all of that.  I had to do all that after getting … Continue reading Got It Fixed

When It All Goes Wrong

It’s not been a fun few days.  Monday wasn’t a problem. Tuesday was.  Which messed up Wednesday. Add in more garbage today and it’s been a drain and anxiety zone.  Tuesday I got a notice about the new paperwork that I have to do to keep food stamps. Which I know I’ve turned in (all … Continue reading When It All Goes Wrong

A Light Bulb Moment

One of those. As in, my lamp doesn’t take light bulbs above 60 Watts and I bought a three way bulb.  Even funnier I had bought light bulbs not thinking I would need them (I had replaced the lamp bulb just a few weeks ago but needed to get more bulbs) and come to find … Continue reading A Light Bulb Moment