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Got It Fixed

I still have my food benefits. I spent the last week and a half dealing with the various parts of the state agency that issues/deals with them.  But I finally got the issue resolved. I think I spent a good hour today dealing with all of that. 

I had to do all that after getting a letter nearly two weeks saying that my benefits had been terminated. I made calls trying to get things fixed but took until today after being notified by the one department that reporting had changed to weekly. I told them what was going on and they talked to the other department about my case. Talked to the second department three times today and they finally got it fixed. So hopefully things will be smoother here on out. We’ll see. 

Now all I need to do is find a job.


Everything is Better…

With bagpipes.

As evidenced by the awesome guy in a  kilt and playing the bagpipes on my way home from the library today. Made my day.

Because bagpipes truly make everything better.

Blessed Saint Patrick day.  Slainté.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Oh, wait. There’s the sun. Nope, sun is gone again. And it’s raining. No it’s pouring. Just sprinkling. Now it’s pouring again.

Oregon weather in five minutes.  All today.

Went to the “interview”. Almost a waste of my time. Since it’s a staffing agency, I have to check in once a week to see if there is any work.  So nothing really gained especially since they had nothing for me now.

I get to keep applying to jobs.  Now if my food benefits issue would resolve itself,  things would be better.

When It All Goes Wrong

It’s not been a fun few days.  Monday wasn’t a problem. Tuesday was.  Which messed up Wednesday. Add in more garbage today and it’s been a drain and anxiety zone. 

Tuesday I got a notice about the new paperwork that I have to do to keep food stamps. Which I know I’ve turned in (all those phone calls just to get the email working are proof of that). So that freaks me out. I hoped that it was merely a matter of miscommunication and could be resolved. Then I get another notice today saying I’m losing my food stamps altogether at the end of the month. Now I’m really freaking out.

So I call the number provided on the notice. Come to find out the paperwork is being received but the numbers required are different. I was given one set of instructions while this office wants a completely different number.

As follows:

Department A says I have to have
11 hours volunteer
9 hours job search activities
for a total of 20 per week and 80 per month.

Department B says I have to have
20 hours volunteer ONLY per week.

I was following Dept A’s rules while being measured under Dept B’s rules.  Which I don’t find out until AFTER I’m penalized.  So I’m pissed that I was told one thing and judged under another and  then punished for the bureaucratic screw up.

The person I talked didn’t get back to me today so I’m going to call back and find out what is going on. I don’t want to be screwed over due to someone else’s incompetence and bureaucratic miscommunication.

I hate feeling like this.  I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and I’m still getting hurt. Reminds me of working for evil security company back in the day.

I do have a potential interview on Monday so at least some good news this week.

A Light Bulb Moment

One of those.

As in, my lamp doesn’t take light bulbs above 60 Watts and I bought a three way bulb.  Even funnier I had bought light bulbs not thinking I would need them (I had replaced the lamp bulb just a few weeks ago but needed to get more bulbs) and come to find out yes, I did.

And I can’t really return them because the receipt has glue marks (the cashier offered to print me a new one in case I needed to return anything but I didn’t think I would; I bought light bulbs and chocolate).

Oh well. It’s not a big deal. Just Funny. I just have another three way bulb that came function as a three way. I’m not worried about the money. It’s just, if I had known I wouldn’t have bought them. Hopefully they last a bit longer.

Apparently the joke is on me.

I blame the squirrels.


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