A Light Bulb Moment

One of those.

As in, my lamp doesn’t take light bulbs above 60 Watts and I bought a three way bulb.  Even funnier I had bought light bulbs not thinking I would need them (I had replaced the lamp bulb just a few weeks ago but needed to get more bulbs) and come to find out yes, I did.

And I can’t really return them because the receipt has glue marks (the cashier offered to print me a new one in case I needed to return anything but I didn’t think I would; I bought light bulbs and chocolate).

Oh well. It’s not a big deal. Just Funny. I just have another three way bulb that came function as a three way. I’m not worried about the money. It’s just, if I had known I wouldn’t have bought them. Hopefully they last a bit longer.

Apparently the joke is on me.

I blame the squirrels.



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