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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Appropriate musical theme due to the weather. It’s pouring and I mean pouring rain and thunder and lightening.  It’s awesome. I love a good storm even if it’s 10:55pm.


When Bad Headspace Rears Its Head

It has not been a good week for me. The only decent day was Thursday and even then I didn’t go to Adoration like I was supposed to. 

I don’t feel like crap or anything but sleeping and hiding in bed is about the only thing I want to do. So of course today I slept from about 1am this morning till after 6pm this evening. I meant to get up at 8:30 am when my alarm went off but stayed in bed. Woke up just after 2 pm, checked stuff on my phone,  and then went back to sleep. Which is when the bad headspace showed up.  I won’t get into what was there but suffice it to say I will most definitely be going to Confession tomorrow.

I know my depression lingers due to my continued unemployment and that I rarely leave my apartment except to go to the library, the grocery store, and church. I pretty much don’t have a life.  I just feel like I shouldn’t be falling into bad headspace even with the depression. I’ve been praying though maybe missing Adoration yesterday caused the bad headspace to happen today. I don’t know.  I feel like I should be stronger, that I can control because I know better than to allow bad headspace anywhere near me but it still happens. I keep screwing up.

I don’t know. Bad headspace.

New Cat Unit at Sheriff’s Office

Honestly, I could see this working.

Okay, maybe not but it is one of the best April Fool’s day jokes I saw yesterday.

Dude, I’m Not Sharing

Pizza and a squirrel. ‘Nuff said.

Portland’s pizza-eating, pole-climbing squirrel –


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