I’d Like A New Brain, Please

Yes, some bad headspace again.  Actually, the anxiety of the job interview I have tomorrow (Tues) is what started it all.  I’ve been freaking out since Saturday and nearly had a panic attack at Mass Sunday. I’m going to the interview but I’m not taking the job. The job itself isn’t the problem but the industry it’s in is the problem.  And the company doing the interview is not the company that I applied to which is what really causes me concern. (I’m assuming that while it’s two different names that it’s a subcontractor. I’m freaking out because I feel lied to.)

Add in really messed up sleep schedule (it’s 11:30pm right now and I have to get up in the morning but I just got up a bit ago and am not sure if I should just stay up or try to get some more sleep). So I ended up in bad headspace and need to go to Confession. I have to go anyway but apparently I like to have lots of sins to confess. Stupid, repetitive ones at that that I know better then to commit.

Yes, I still need a job but I’m not going to take just any job especially not one that’s causing this much anxiety. I kind of really just want to be a librarian and I’d be willing to go back to school for that. 



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