Good News

I have a job. It’s a temp job but it’s a job.

So that job I was freaking out about last time I chose not to take. And then was mildly freaking out what if I never get  another job interview?

Then I had a phone interview yesterday and told myself I didn’t have to take it.  Interview went well and am supposed to hear back Monday.

Then I get a call from the staffing agency with an immediate job opening and no need to interview, just fill out pre-hire paperwork. Told them I was interested and went in this morning to do the paperwork and drug test.

I then got an email yesterday for a phone interview with another place. I turned that one down.

But I have a job. It’s four ten hour shifts but can go longer. It’s Tues-Fri swing shift which I think will work well. It’s only for two or three months for now but might turn into full time.

And that one I interviewed for yesterday I’m not going to be taking.



Type this later, if I remember.

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