Well, That’s That

I’m home earlier from the temp job. Between the back pain, knee pain and whatever happened to two of the fingers of my right hand, I went home early. I was stretching out the back muscles and apparently that’s not something you’re supposed to do so I was told to go home which was fine by me.  I’m surprised that more people aren’t hurt because I didn’t see anybody doing anything to prevent repetitive motion injuries.  The job was almost all repetitive motion that could injury.  And it was pretty disorganized.  I’m not sure how anything gets done because nobody knows anything.  This was just not a good job.

The schedule didn’t help either. My insomnia was at its worst and I can’t survive on little sleep for long.  That’s when I end up in tears like I did at work yesterday and as I drove home today.  And it doesn’t help my depression, especially since I didn’t know exactly when I was finishing my shift. 

But I do have that interview Monday so that’s a step in the right direction. And I have to deal with state bureaucracy again since there’s some snafu that keeps losing my paperwork.  But the bad neighbor is finally gone. At least that’s some good news.



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