I get to deal with state bureaucracy again tomorrow. It’s time to reapply for food stamps and the interview is tomorrow morning. It’s a phone interview. And since the update to my phone’s operating system I’ve had issues with receiving calls. If I answer the phone on the first ring, I’m okay.  After that first ring and the phone restarts. I kind of wish I hadn’t done the update.

As much as I don’t want to be on food stamps, it’s the only way I can afford food right now until I find another job. And yes, I’m a bit nervous about the interview especially after I saw how much I had left for this month (I can eat but I didn’t realize that I had spent what I had). Even though the amount I have left has nothing to do with the interview.

I know I’m still out of whack from last week. I didn’t make it to Adoration this morning, again. And I have to fix my sleep schedule again after the job wrecked it again.  I feel off kilter and that things are slipping away from me even though they aren’t.



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