It’s Continuing Mission…

A friend of mine treated me today to the new Star Trek movie. I really loved the interplay between Spock and Bones.  Those two together are too funny. But even with all their fighting you know they are good friends.   I really like Chris Pine as Kirk.  Honestly, the whole cast is just awesome.  Anton Yelchin will be missed.  His Chekov was amazing and sweet and funny.  His accent is just perfect.  I really loved that all the characters got to be kickass not just Kirk.  Just epic awesomeness.

Good twist on the bad guy and how he became a bad guy.  Lots and lots of explosions. Loved it when Bones did his “I’m a doctor, not a…” (I won’t spoil but it was epic).  Loved the “in a pig’s eye” (a reference to the TOS ep “Amok Time”) said by Bones.  There were other goodies.  My Star Trek fanself is very happy.  I totally want to see it again.

A really awesome movie.



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