When It All Goes Kerbluey

Not a good day today.  Instead of getting up early like I planned (before noon) I was in bed until 5pm.  Then I found a notice on my door from the apartment manager about unauthorized guests (not me, general warning but this is the first time that anyone had done anything about it).  Then I checked my apartment mail box and found the notice about my late rent (I knew about it and had already mailed it weeks ago).  Add in the whole added on paperwork for my food stamps and the nitpicking by the woman in charge of that paperwork from yesterday.  Oh, and the medium sized spider I wasn’t able to kill before it skeddalded off to hide (again yesterday). Plus, the stupid mouse that I hope is dead but no clue (last month and a half).  And the refrigerator that has decided to start to smell (I know what’s causing it and there’s nothing I can do about; the fridge will fix itself in time) (the last few days).  I was in tears last night and again today.  I was certainly thinking it was the end of the work even though it wasn’t.

The apartment stuff has been dealt with so there’s nothing I can do now.

Food stamp extra paperwork: one form will be signed, I have to find another volunteer opportunity to fulfill the other nine hours I need, update resume again, make lists of professional and personal references (which I kind of already have but this woman wants lists of them yesterday), and wants me to go into excruciatingly tiny detail about my job search and how I apply to jobs on the paperwork I have to file every week.

That woman is driving me bonkers with all her nitpicking and changing rules.  Sounds passive aggressive to me.  On one level I understand she’s trying to help but it still feels like micromanaging and nitpicking that is unnecessary and irrelevant.

I know I will find a job. Yes, it’s been a while but I’m getting interviews more often now.  At this point I just have to keep slogging along and it will happen.

So while the medication for my depression has helped, I’m still having bad days.

The one really good thing: the Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.  Now they just have to win. Go Cubbies!



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