Tubes, Tubes, and Wires

I’m doing a 24 test to see, well to confirm really, that I have GERD.  So I had a sensor device, well a really long tube put down my nose, into my throat, down into the esophagus and ended at the stomach. That was just to get measurements. That was not fun. Now I have a thinner tube wire down the nose, throat, and esophagus. I can feel it. It makes my nose itch, my mouth really dry, and I feel as if there’s something stuck in my throat (which there is). I’m not supposed to continue feeling it but I still do.  I feel like I’m getting a sore throat and the nostril the tube is down has a burning feeling off and on.  The recording device on the strap pulls on the back of my neck so I’ve got this constant feeling of choking and close to throwing up. And the tube it takes to my nose and any movement tugs on it, even just moving my head slightly.

I actually cut out all but two errands due to how I was feeling. I’m still feeling anxiety and now I feel like I can’t handle this. I’m not sure I’m going to get through the whole 24 hours.  I plan on doing it as long as possible to give them as much data as possible even though I’m complaining here.  Yet I’m in tears, my throat is feeling very sore and irritated all ready so we’ll see. I can only do so much and endure so much. I know, I’m being a big baby.

Update: 3:02 am 1/5/17

Still feel like I’m choking. The sensation of something stuck in my throat had not gone away at all. I’ve lasted 15 hours so far but don’t think I’ll make the full 24. At least there will be a lot of data. I did last longer than twelve hours. I also feel like I’m getting sick but I think it’s just the stress from the tube and all the sensations that  I feel.  People who can last the whole 24 hours are a lot stronger than me. Way stronger. I’m admitting it: I’m very weak and want nothing to do with anything that causes me unnecessary stress or pain unless absolutely necessary. 

It’s almost not worth it taking care of myself in trying to find the cause of the GERD.  



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