A Week Into The New Year

Seven days. Granted we’re expecting more snow here today. Winter has been very atypical here. Normally it’s rain, not sun, temps in the mid to low 30s, and snow. The last time I can recall in raining was a month ago. Very, very wonky. Even with the heat on in my apartment I’ve had to add another blanket to my bed. It’s been that cold this year. Less have been in the low 20s to 10s for several weeks now.

I lasted 16 hours with that tube down my throat. I was throwing up again when I decided to just yank it out because I had enough. Still had a sore throat for two days but I felt better. Won’t get the results for awhile, though. I get the endoscopy Tuesday though I still need to find someone to drive me there and back. I also did the blood test for celiac and don’t have it. Not that I thought I did.

I heard from my baby sister yesterday. We hadn’t texted in awhile so she did last night. I talked her into a birthday present. I should be getting it next week. 

I think I’m over the worst of the withdrawal. I do have a really messed up sleep schedule again. 



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