No More Snow

I am making a major demand here: no more snow or freezing rain or ice or temps below freezing. None of that, whatsoever. I’m sick of it.

I didn’t go to Mass this morning due to the weather. The ice alone made it very unsafe. The state police said stay home unless absolutely necessary. I listened and made my own judgement call based on safety. I did discover that youth group and a few other activities we’re still going on. I felt that was a bad judgement call for safety reasons. Morning Masses were apparently cancelled but the evening Spanish Mass and Confessions were still on. I’m not sure who made that call but the person who posted it on the parish’s Facebook page is still very new to Oregon so has no clue what to do when this atypical weather happens.  That irks me. I want people to be safe, not guilted into going to Mass in unsafe conditions. It is ACCEPTABLE to miss Mass due to weather, especially when it is unsafe to drive. Mass is important but your health and safety are just as important.

It’s barely above freezing right now and were expected to get more freezing rain before it turns to plain ole rain. Now it just needs to warm up and melt everything, well, the snow and ice. I’m not driving anywhere tomorrow either.  I will do my library volunteer hours, if they’re open. They should be but won’t know until the morning. I definitely need it all to gone by Tuesday for my appointment. At least I have a ride.



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