The Arctic Would Be Warmer

Well, maybe, maybe not.

We’re in single digit temps here. Single digits. And sunny. With highs still expected to be below freezing.

The snow is still around and won’t be melting any time soon. I took the bus to jury duty yesterday. Ended up not being selected, thankfully. I was still able to volunteer at the library. 

Granted, I wish I knew how to ice skate because the sidewalks and streets were icy. I could have skated instead of walked well, more like worked very hard not to slip and fall. Did wrench both my knees with all the little slips I did take. My lower back is also sore. Thankfully no injuries, just ache-y soreness.

I did have fun looking for snowpeople on the bus ride into jury duty. Did see a few. Was glad I didn’t drive because there was a car accident I saw on the way home.

I just want all the snow to melt so I can finally drive. Otherwise, I’m stuck at home. I won’t go hungry (I made more Chicken Tortilla Soup this morning) but I am getting low on things. And not a lot of variety. But I’ll be okay.

And yes, I still hate snow. Just because it looks like a winter wonderland out there doesn’t impress me. It’s just irritates me and impacts my ability to do things.



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