Profile: Elizabeth, That would be Me

8 thoughts on “Profile: Elizabeth, That would be Me”

    1. Quiverfull is a Christian movement that emphasizes having as many children as possible. It condemns contraception and any sort of family planning as sinful and expects mothers to give birth to as many children without regard to her health or the future care of her already living and/or future children. Quiverfull is tied up in Christian patriarchy, purity teaching, stay at home daughters, homeschooling, and fundamentalist Christianity. It’s name is comes from the Psalm that references children as being a “quiverfull of arrows”. It’s an extreme form of Christian believe. The Duggars are an excellent example of this lifestyle.

      1. It’s a movement that “benefits” men at the expense of women. These movements put men first, basically tell women they are to be slaves to men and that this is pleasing to God. It’s manmade heresy that’s gained a lot of traction in the US in the last few decades as an alleged reaction to the supposed loss of Christian values in this country. And it’s not a separate movement but tied up with patriarchy, homeschooling, and fundamentalism.

        But it’s just as dangerous and damaging to men as it is to women because it sets them up to be dictators and tyrants when these men only want to be good husbands and fathers who follow Christ. Men in these movements are expected to fit a particular model, behave in a certain way, and treat their wives and children in an abusive way. They aren’t allowed to be the men they want to be but are expected to fit a caricature of manhood they allege is “biblical” which really isn’t at all.

      2. No worries. All those teachings are fringe and definitely NOT Catholic teaching. Most men don’t like those teachings and refuse to follow them. Like I said, they just want to be good husbands and fathers and of course, good men. The men I know don’t even know about these teachings and those that are married treat their wives and children with love and respect.

        Those abusive beliefs/teachings are harmful to men though they were started by other men who put themselves first. There is no good in these teachings and they aren’t Catholic teaching. They are fringe beliefs that have gained a lot of traction in the last few decades and I’m trying to bring awareness to something that hurts everyone it touches. Most of what I know about Quiverfull, patriarchy, etc. comes from blogs. I was reading personal stories about how this garbage was hurting people but I was also reading Catholics who were starting to advocate this garbage. So I’m just trying to get the word out about this garbage and why it’s garbage.

        And no worries about not being Catholic. I understand that not everyone is.

      3. Ah. Apparently I misread your last comment. My apologies.

        Your comments have given me a nudge to write a post about this. Especially in light of how the Church is under attack for her teaching on marriage. So thank you. 🙂 I now have post ideas for Lent.

        You have a good night. And many thanks for commenting.

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