An Update

Things were actuary going well here and then the last two weeks have gone downhill. Today was the first time in several months that I hadn’t gone to Mass. I just couldn’t deal with people or priests that don’t follow the rubrics in celebrating the Mass or are borderline heretical. I just couldn’t do it. … Continue reading An Update

Lent is Coming

However, we are NOT called to be judge, jury, and executioner let alone act as God. We do not get to sit in judgement of others and how they live their Catholic faith and how they live Lent. We aren’t to pass judgement on those that don’t torture themselves in the name of God to … Continue reading Lent is Coming

Not Dealing

I think one of the things with anxiety and depression is that even if you know your “triggers”/ things that cause you problems, are aware, and do what you can to mitigate them, you can still feel like you’ve been hit by a truck when they happen. My mother is one those problems. Granted, all … Continue reading Not Dealing