Comments will be permitted and approved as long as they:

-do not use vulgar or foul language (a swear word is acceptable but profanity laced just to use profanity is not)

-do not attack me or other commenters or posters (no name calling, no insults, no false accusations)

-actually demonstrate having read and comprehended the post

-do not contain any other behavior or language that I find objectionable or problematic

I may, at times, find it necessary to stop all comments for a time.  I will post if that happens and how long that may continue.  I may also change the terms of this policy at any time.

I put comments in moderation, I will approve them after a period of time.  If I do not approve your comment(s), it is because it has violated this policy or I find them to be useless or provide no benefit to the blog and/or discussion.

Thank you.


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