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Abortion Is A Tool Of Patriarchy

Abortion does not give women freedom over their sexuality or their bodies. Abortion just further enslaves women to Patriarchy and men. Abortion allows men to control women’s bodies and turn them into male bodies for their sexual pleasure. The male body is elevated through abortion. Abortion suppresses the female body and its inherent value.  Abortion allows men to destroy the one creative element that women contain in their sexuality that allows them to generate new life, to build and create civilization. Only women can truly create new life. Men can only participate partially in creating a new life.

Patriarchy loves abortion because it means they can have sex with women without consequences.  If the woman gets pregnant, she can just have an abortion. Patriarchy doesn’t want to be responsible for a child so abortion allows them to have consequence free sex and force women to bear the brunt of men’s sexual activities. The child would be proof of the man having sexual relations and an abortion removes that proof. Abortion allows a man to hide and cover up his “indiscretions” while forcing a woman to suffer the consequences of same. His body is safe and can continue to engage in sexual activities while the woman has to put her body through a “procedure” that kills one person and may easily kill her. And if it does kill her, her death matters not and definitely will not be seen as a result of getting an abortion. And definitely will not be reported as a result of an abortion.  Deaths caused by abortions are the one cause of death in this country that is legally allowed to be covered up and ignored and never investigated. How fair is that to the women who die due to abortion? Their families mourning the losses of not only their daughter, wife, mother, sister but another family member they will never get to meet? To love.

Women’s sexuality is forced into the service of men with abortion. Abortion allows men to dictate how a woman views her body.  Abortion allows men to control and oppress women’s bodies all in service of his sexual urges.  With abortion, a man can have sex with any woman he wants.  Consent becomes irrelevant because the woman has given away her consent and rights when she supports and/or gets an abortion.  Through abortion, patriarchy has convinced women of the lie that they now have control over their bodies and their sexual activities.  Women do not.  Not with abortion. Patriarchy, through abortion and birth control, have gained further control of women and women have permitted this, thinking they have gained freedom when in reality they have become further enmeshed and oppressed. Men get to keep using women as sexual objects and women encourage this by supporting this and willingly turning themselves into sexual objects because they believe this makes them free. 


Some of the Road to “Gay Marriage”

It all started with Martin Luther.  You know, that guy.  The one who started the Protestant Reformation.  Or more accurately, the loss of millions of souls to man made heresy.  He started the redefinition of marriage saying it was not a sacrament and even allowing polygamy (Defenders of the Faith).

Protestantism opened the door for unrestrained free market capitalism.  Why worry about your immortal soul when you can make money now and enjoy its rewards now?  Besides, with Protestantism, only those in your really special group are going to Heaven so manipulate others into slaving away for money and cheap goods.  And you can just start your own with its own beliefs and moral codes if you don’t like anyone else’s.

Claim religious persecution  (never mind the persecution you and your group have wrought; Puritans persecuted and were very intolerant) and leave to a “new” land.  Persecute anyone coming from your home country if they differ religiously from you or abuse them until they conform to your ways and beliefs.   This will work for a few centuries till you appear to have changed your ways only to better hide your hate so that you can continue to have power to abuse, harass, and even kill those you still don’t believe exactly as you do. 

Allege to get fed up with your home country and declare freedom and war.  Go to war.  Win.  Right a Constitution that guarantees rights to the religious majority but with the end ideal being freedom from all religion, especially Christianity (Reinventing Liberal Christianity). Religion should be kept private and in the home.  Keep up the harassment and abuse and slavery and classism and racism. Enlightenment has shown you the truth of these as well as “science”.  Harass, bully, and kill Catholics just to prove that you are “better” than them.  Fail.

Make money.  Explore the country you “bought” and harass and abuse the local natives who lived here first.  Do so quietly at first because you can buy their land from them at a steal.  Start a war over slavery but isn’t really about slavery at all.  One side wins, the other loses and the slaves are no longer called slaves but suffer the same conditions and abuses.  Keep oppressing and legislate that oppression into law.

Create legislation that puts local natives on reservations, keeps freed slaves from gaining any rights, and keeps immigrants from anything but slave labor.  Remember,  Enlightenment taught us the inferiority of those not white, Anglo, straight, and Protestant. Science and reason support.  Legislate involuntary sterilization on those deemed “unfit” (Buck v. Bell; Three Generations, No Imbeciles).  We don’t want undesirables reproducing.

Church of England will change their teaching on birth control in 1930 and the damage to women, men, children, families, marriages, and society has been horrendous and mind boggling. Objectivation of women becomes mandatory.  More people stop believing in God or following His precepts.

Allow women to work for the war effort then force them home again when the men return.  They’re only good as wives and mothers.  Actually, they are only sexual objects.  Start using women as sexual objects in advertising.

Create the Pill so that women can be “free” from pregnancy but in reality enslaves women to much worse.  Fill everyone’s heads with lies about free love, no fault divorce, sex without consequences, abortion and the right to choose, the right of a woman to her own body.  Make sex all about pleasure rather than the marital embrace about unity and procreation.

The Catholic Church will stand up for the truth (“Humanae Vitae”) but end up ridiculed by even her own children for “not getting with the times”.  Many will choose to violate Church teaching on sex and marriage and will promote those sins.  Many will leave the Catholic Church but many more with stay and try to force a change.  They unfortunately succeed at the individual level. 

See sin promoted as normal on TV and in books.  Treat those that see sin as sin as irrelevant and stuck in the past.  Ignore and deride them publicly and frequently.  Brag about how having sex all the time will many different people is wonderful.  Brag about how abortion is a woman’s right and how babies are now wanted.  Brag about how birth control lets women have sex when they want with whomever they want without consequences.  Brag about how religion is antiquated and has no use anymore but protect those in “persecuted ” religions.  Christianity is not one of them.

Create computers and the World Wide Web.  Make it so that everyone has to use it to do business.  Use it to influence and manipulate businesses and governments to do what the Electronic Herd wants (The Lexus and the Olive Tree).  Use it for social justice means and gatherings.  Use it to commit crimes, to pander pornography and abuse, to traffic in human lives.

Start showing gay people everywhere.   Ignore and even cover up truths about homosexuality.  Portray them as no different than everyone else.  Play up the lies about being persecuted and harassed.  Talk about rights and how gays just want to love their partner.  Continue to ignore the promiscuity, the abuse, the child sex abuse, the high levels of STDs among gays.  Ignore how gays bully and abuse other gays and straights at much higher rates than straights on gays. 

Create the concept of “hate crimes” that applies to only gays and “persecuted religions”.  Catholics will be attacked and even killed, in one case, for supporting Church teaching on marriage but this case never gets accurately reported or treated as a hate crime or that it was a  gay man attacking a Catholic woman for being Catholic.

Create a culture of me.  Make everything about the individual and their rights, wants, “needs”.  Elevate narcissism to new heights (The Impulse Society). Disdain marriage and child rearing.  Make money, sex, and pleasure the end all of everything.  Villify those that want tradition marriage with distinct sex and gender roles and children.  Allow God to exist only as a vending machine. 

Give out free birth control to teens and pre-teens in school and teach explicit sex education as a means of preventing “teen pregnancy”.  Belittle and demean abstinence and chastity as useless and pointless and something that only “those weird, stupid Christians” do.  Keep pushing how pleasurable and wonderful sex is and how to have “safe sex”.  If they get pregant, they can just have an abortion and adults will even drive teens and children across state lines to procure an abortion.

Hell, tell girls that they can just use abortion as a form of birth control.  They do not have to take responsibility for their actions.  If a teenage girl or even a young girl is raped, they can get an abortion. The rapist can walk right into the clinic with the rape victim and force her to get an abortion and he will never be caught.  He can go on raping her until he gets bored and moves onto another victim.  Laws about mandatory reporting don’t matter in abortion.  Only the abortion matters.  The girl has no rights or protections but the rapist, child molesters, abortion doctors, etc. do.

Make marriage about “love” not about holiness and children (Catechism of the Catholic Church).  Make love just a feeling instead of a choice of will, and action, and a sacrifice.   Then bully, bully, bully.

That’s how you get “gay marriage”.  It’s also how polygamy will be judicially imposed within the next ten years, making it “legal”.  There are already cases in the works for that.  Pedophilia is not far behind.  Hell, there was a conference somewhere in England just in the last few months that argued that pedophilia is a “”normal”” sexual orientation and that 1 in 35 British men are oriented that way.  Hogwash but it has already started.  (The double quotation marks are to emphasize how wrong that term is in regards to a deviant, criminal behavior that has the sexual abuse of children as its aim.)

That’s how, in brief overview, we in America got “gay marriage”. And yet, not all is lost.  They have a “legal” “right” to “marriage” but not a sacramental privilege.  And marriage is a privilege, not a right.  And those that “gained” the “right” to “gay marriage” have still lost.  They are still in mortal sin that is offensive to God. 

They are not in a true marriage and never will be, no matter the legal wrangling and decay of culture and the true meaning of words. But they can still repent and give up their sinful ways.  Gays who live this way are not totally lost though if they do not repent and become chaste they will be lost forever.

We still have a fight on our hands because many gays and their supporters want to force churches to perform “gay marriages” regardless of what those churches profess and believe.  They are the ones persecuting people, especially Christians. 

Many Christians, and especially the Catholic Church, hold to the true teaching of marriage and sex that God revealed and created.  Many gays and even many “Christians” don’t like that and want to force them to change.  They’ll even deliberately misinterpret the Bible to show acceptance for their support of sin.  But for those of us who hold to the truth about sex and marriage as God created need to keep strong,  keep the faith, and pass the Faith on to others accurately so that they know the truth and about sin.  And so that they don’t fall into sin.

We can change the world.  It will take time, prayer, persistence, and real God oriented love.  Nothing is impossible with God.  We must trust Him and ask for His help and grace.  So pray.  And don’t be a jerk in teaching the truth.

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5 misconceptions about Catholics and abortion

So I found this article a couple of weeks ago and was a not surprised that it actually managed to get things nearly right.  It’s also been a couple of weeks since I read it so I might be a little off.

What I find interesting is that lately I have found more articles about the Catholic faith, the Church, and her teachings where the author actually gets the details right.  And there are a lot more comments to these articles where many more posters defend the Church instead of putting Her down.  And not all of those defenders are Catholic either.

I think this is especially fascinating since many Catholics in America want the Church to change her teachings on certain topics.  And yet there is also hope.  I’ve seen people put forward what they call the “Francis effect” where Pope Francis and what he says and does impacts views and beliefs.  And not just Catholics are affected by thus effect.  Like I said, there seems to be an air of hope, even if it is the false hope of a change of Catholic doctrine that will never happen.

Francis is the third pope in my lifetime.  That is a fact.  I will not compare him to Benedict or  Blessed John Paul II. These are all different men with different abilities and personalities.  None are better or worse than the others.  They were each chosen by the Holy Spirit and He knows what is best for Holy Mother Church.  We have to trust that and not judge our wants and preferences and decide that our will is better than the Holy Spirit and God’s will.

A Declaration

Yes, at 4:40 in the morning.  Well, it is what time it is here.

I am a feminist.  There.  I said it.  And being a feminist is a good thing.  However, there are forms of feminism that are bad: radical feminism, any form that supports abortion and contraception and “sexual freedom” and bashing men and supports the homosexual lifestyle.  Those are anti-women and anti-men.

Abortion is anti-women because it’s about choosing to punish yourself and a baby for existing as a person and being able to give life and for being a women.  It’s also anti-men because it doesn’t care about men as fathers or as people.  Abortion is anti-people because it is indiscriminate in who it kills: girls, boys, gays, straight, the innocent, the potentially successful, the potentially disabled, etc.  Abortion basically says that you aren’t good enough to exist because you don’t fit in some arbitrary category about who and what a person is.  Abortion isn’t a choice or a freedom.  It’s a death sentence for the baby and for the mother.  It puts the mother in a continuous cycle of sexual abuse and prostitution.  A women who uses abortion to “get rid of a problem” abuses herself.  No woman is free when they get an abortion.  NO woman is free when they have sex with anybody outside of marriage.  They are abusing themselves and selling themselves as prostitutes that aren’t getting paid to have sex.

Bashing men also bashes women.  Men can’t exist without women and women can’t exist without men.  It’s biologically impossible.  If there was only one sex, then they wouldn’t be women or men.  There would be no concept of male or female, man or women.  The words and concepts wouldn’t exist in our language because there would be no need for them.  While I’m certain there are people who would love to eliminate such words, it’s impossible and entirely impractical.   It just wouldn’t work.  We need men and women and we need them to be different.  Yes, there are people who are trying to do with mother and father and what they mean but they will fail.  Not only do we need them, to eliminate them would eliminate what makes humans unique.  Actually, it goes beyond that.  It would destroy society.  Society as a whole needs mothers and fathers and men and women.

I believe in equal pay for equal work.  Now, it has gotten better but there’s always room for improvement.  There is also room for improvement in how people are compensated for their work and how work is valued.  Value shouldn’t be based entirely on monetary value but on what that person brings to the company or whatnot and not how much money they can make for the company at the expense of that individual’s health and personal relationships.

I believe rape, abuse be it sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, verbal, psychological, or mental and neglect are crimes against people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, creed, ethnicity, etc. and should be prosecuted as such.  A spouse has no right to rape their spouse or beat them because they are married or to verbally abuse them because they think they can.  Parents should abuse their children nor should children abuse their parents.  A gay partner can’t beat their partner and get away with it.  It’s a crime against a person.  While I have problems with the homosexual lifestyle, they are still people who should be treated with respect and crimes against them should be investigated and prosecuted.

I believe a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her life.  If she wants to be a wife and mother and work, I support that.  If a woman wants be a wife and mother and be a stay at home mom, I support that too.  If a woman wants to work but stay permanently single, I support that as well.  If a woman believes she is called to the religious life and chooses to follow that, I support that as well.  I don’t support people who dictate how other people should live.  I have no right to tell Woman A or even Man A what to do with their lives.  I can’t make them work in a particular field or make them get married and no one else should either.  They can seek advice and counsel from people they trust but should make their own choices about their life.  And I will defend a women’s right to determine her own life.

I believe women are the biggest oppressors of women.  They are the ones who watch others like a hawk and talk about people behind their back and pass judgement on them because they don’t live exactly as they do.  If a woman wants to dress like a Goth (does anybody still dress like a Goth anymore?), as long as she dresses modestly (this is predicated on her and the society she lives in) then she can dress like a goth.  Or a punk.  Or in jeans and a t-shirt.  Or dresses.  Or formal suits.  No one can dictate what she wears unless she works in a particular industry that requires a uniform for work (even the typical office has a “uniform” for how to dress).  Women are the biggest believers about the lies of women: that they are weak, inferior, support things that hurt women, uneducable, shouldn’t be allowed to work, shouldn’t be allowed to receive a college/university degree, that the only thing a women can do is get married and have children and stay at home, that women who don’t revolve their lives around men have something wrong them or are lesbians.

I believe people are individuals with their own unique life experiences. No one is automaton and people shouldn’t make people into clones of themselves just because it makes their lives easier or because they think they have the power to do so.

Now there are people who are going to have a problem with me, a Catholic, being a feminist.  Yet all that I posted doesn’t contradict anything the Catholic Church teaches.  Being a feminist isn’t anti-Catholic.  It’s pro-humanity.  The Catholic Church was the first feminist force in the world.  Now there were people in the Church, but not the Church Herself, that advocated beliefs and practices that were anti-women but they weren’t the Church.  They were sinners who got tangled up in the details and pushing their own agendas rather than focusing on Jesus.  Jesus is very pro-women as demonstrated in the Gospels.

Let the tomato and lemon throwing commence.

Blessed Christmas

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long.  I’ve been busy with a new, full-time job that leaves me tired all the time (the schedule I have isn’t the greatest).  I intend, after the beginning of the New Year, to update more often.

This time of year is either a blessing or a curse for people.  For some, it’s even both.  I fit into both categories.  Christmas is hard on the personal front (family issues that have gone on for nearly three decades at this point) and a blessing in that it is the celebration of the first Advent of Christ as a small, helpless baby who would thirty-three years later save the world through his death and resurrection on the cross.  Pretty powerful stuff.  We don’t always remember that.  We focus on the gifts and the TV specials and the parties and the good feelings.  Sometimes these are focused on to the detriment of what Christmas and Advent really mean.  Preparation for the coming of Christ first at his birth and later when he comes at the Second Coming.

As a Catholic, we focus on preparing for both advents with Advent.  We remember not only Jesus’s birth and the dangerous circumstances surrounding it. (Herod did order and carry out the killing of numerous infants and those under the age of 2 in order to protect his earthly position.  People who abort their babies are no better than Herod hence the Feast of the Holy Innocents celebrated on December 28 to remember not only those killed by Herod but also those killed by abortion.)

It wasn’t a feel-good story that Jesus came.  He was born to a teenage mother (Mary) who was married to an older man (Joseph) who wanted to divorce her in order to prevent himself and her from shame.  His foster-father was a poor carpenter.  Mary and Joseph had to travel when Mary was about to give birth because of a government census.  Mary had to give birth in a stable without any medical support.  Then they had to flee from their homeland or risk being killed and moved to a foreign country where they didn’t know the language.

Yes, they were visited by shepherds who were nobodies at the bottom of the social economic ladder.  And by astrologers from the East who didn’t know they were to find the King of the Universe in such poverty conditions.  Yet they gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh that alluded to his future death.

Jesus lived in obscurity for thirty years before he began to preach his message of salvation from sin and repentance.  And many of disciples still left him.  He was then betrayed by someone he had personally chosen and abandoned by all his friends save one.  He was crucified as a common criminal out of love for mankind.  He died a criminal’s death while his own mother watched.  Three days later he rose from the dead.  He left the Holy Spirit to guide the new church he had founded on Peter and ascended into heaven.  He promised to come again.

There are people who don’t want to hear this or want it watered down.  They don’t want the truth.  They want to hear only that which will make them feel good.  Or they say that Jesus lied or that wasn’t what he meant because if they acknowledged the truth then they would have to change, to repent, to acknowledge that they are sinners in need of a saviour.  Worse than that, they attack those that do acknowledge and accept this fact and accept Jesus.  Or they attack those who also believe in Jesus but don’t believe exactly as they do.

I won’t preach peace on earth and good will towards men.  Without God’s grace, it isn’t possible.  And wasn’t possible until the King of the Universe came as a helpless baby born into poverty over 2000 years ago.

For some of us, Christmas is a time of depression, increased abuse, financial worries, etc.  It’s not a happy time.  It may be a time of year that people want to avoid.  For some it’s a reminder of loss of a loved one or home or family or a job.

And yet, it can still be a time of hope.  It isn’t easy and isn’t much but it can be there.  For myself, I can cope with the celebration of Christ’s birth.  I can’t cope very well with the family issues and past abuse and the focus on material goods and the need to keep or surpass the Joneses.

Till then: Blessed Christmas.


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