Loyalty to Pain

The title comes from the lyrics to Charlotte Martin’s song Veins. It feels like everything is just getting worse, that everything is going to come to a head and I will lose everything. It’s going to be bad. So a bit of a backtrack. I made it to Mass Sunday and sorely wished I hadn’t. … Continue reading Loyalty to Pain

Being Redeemed

Charlotte Martin “Redeemed” This song has been a big help lately. It’s not a religious song but you could interpret some of the lyrics as religious in meaning. I really appreciate the chorus because it says the abuse and my depression aren’t all of me. “Where is the hand for me to reach, where is … Continue reading Being Redeemed

I Managed

This morning I saw Wannabe Fundycath  and her husband at Mass for the first time in about a year.  They were two pews ahead of me. I saw them and mildly freaked out. I actually thought about just walking to the back and going up to the choir loft to sit.  But I stuck it … Continue reading I Managed

Hurt by the Church?

Mark Shea has a good post for those “hurt by the Church”. Good for those who haven’t been hurt as well. As someone who has been struggling with fellow Catholics (particularly in regards to comments on my blog from Catholic bloggers who want to rip me to shreds, condemn me to Hell, demand that I … Continue reading Hurt by the Church?