Not Dealing

I think one of the things with anxiety and depression is that even if you know your “triggers”/ things that cause you problems, are aware, and do what you can to mitigate them, you can still feel like you’ve been hit by a truck when they happen. My mother is one those problems. Granted, all … Continue reading Not Dealing

New Meds Again

Sorry I’ve been away.  I just have no interest in things.  And no energy The Welbutrin didn’t help or hurt so the doc put me on Lexapro.  Two big side effects : increased anxiety and screwed up sleep.  Not fun.  I told the doc if this one didn’t work then I want to be off … Continue reading New Meds Again

Some Good News

The apartment manager talked to Mr. Drugs (I may also refer to him as Mr. Drug Dealer) next door today.  I heard them through my front door. So the apartment manager is aware and is taking this seriously. I have no idea who reported him, again, and I don’t want to know (to keep them … Continue reading Some Good News