Creepy at It Again

Yes, Creepy Neighbor came back.  Either late Thursday or yesterday.  Not sure when.  And started up on what he was doing before.  Not the creepy leering. The other stuff that I can’t get into for legal reasons.  So neighbor called the cops.  We talked to the cops.  Cops talked to Creepy. We’ll see what happens. … Continue reading Creepy at It Again

Six Years!

That’s how long I’ve been on WordPress with this blog.  I’ve changed and grown as has this blog. Good things and bad things have been going on in my life.  My health issues you heard about yesterday so I’m not going to repeat.  I’m still struggling financially.  My emotional health has also taken a hit.  … Continue reading Six Years!

Rumbly in …

Well, I probably really shouldn’t quote Winnie the Pooh because my digestive problems do not indicate a hunger for honey. Woke up before my alarm went off this morning in pain.  My digestive system decided to revolt again.  So I put the heating pad on my front and tried not to curl up too much … Continue reading Rumbly in …

The Creepies

My downstairs neighbor is creepy.  He’s been coming to his kitchen window that looks into the apartment parking lot and watching me get into my car when I go places.  And tonight, when I got home, he was watching me again.  He came to the window after I pulled into my spot and just stared.  … Continue reading The Creepies