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The Good, The Bad, and The Creepy

Yes, I’m ripping off movie titles.

So the good: it was sunny for awhile today. And warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket.  If 57 is warm, which it was after all the snow and ice. 

The bad: I’ll tell it in a letter.

Dear Student Loan Company,

Learn to read.  And reading comprehension.  So I won’t get unnecessary phone calls.

Not so many thanks,


Yep, they did it again.  Though it felt nice to tell them, hello, I’m in the clear, you stupid idiots.  I didn’t call them names but it was nice to be able to point out their mistake.

The Creepy: Creepy has been at it again.  Very bad again.  This time it involves more, and more legal issues so I can’t get into it because I’m protecting a couple of people.  Plus, I’m protecting myself from this garbage and situation.

I have orange juice again.  Still sore though.  Did get many things done today.  Still need to find a job.  Oh, and be hired and actually work the job. 

I got taxes done last night, which was nice plus I get a decent refund from the feds.  I also get a refund from the state but am thinking of using that to pay back some of my unemployment.  I figure preemptive strike.  Having to pay back was always a possibility.  I haven’t been told I have to but I figure a gesture of goodwill will help and it puts money back in for others who need it.

I’m off to read more of library books due back next week.  And then bed since I stayed up all night last night though I did get a short nap earlier until I was awakened by the shouting of Creepy and,the one neighbor.


Creepy at It Again

Yes, Creepy Neighbor came back.  Either late Thursday or yesterday.  Not sure when.  And started up on what he was doing before.  Not the creepy leering. The other stuff that I can’t get into for legal reasons.  So neighbor called the cops.  We talked to the cops.  Cops talked to Creepy. We’ll see what happens.

That apartment has not been good.  In the entire time I’ve been in my apartment, I can’t think of a good tenant living there. Most tenants have had either myself or others  call the police on them for various reasons.  Except for the very first when I first moved in but they moved out very shortly after I moved in. Oh well.  It’s up to the property managers to decide who gets to live here or not though sometimes I wish they could do deeper background checks and maybe psych evals.

It’s Tuesday!

Well, it is.  Or shortly, was.

Got stuff done today.  Turned in those pennies.  A whopping $5.28.  But hey, money to pay bills.  And I needed it because the money my parents gave me ended up short just in paying bills.  I have no money for groceries but I can pay bills.  I know I could use the money and not pay bills but I’ve always put bills first and me last.  I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Did get the application, resume, and cover letter printed off at the library.  Glad I got that done.  And the library upped the time you’re allowed on their computers from one hour to two.  The lead I had didn’t pan out.  It basically would be working uniformed security again and I had partly filled out the online application when I decided I was never putting myself in that kind of work ever again.  I don’t like uniforms, can’t stand wearing them, so why force myself to wear them if I don’t have to or want to.  And I don’t want to.  I refuse to go through or be subjected to the same garbage evil security company put me through even if this company is different.  I’m not going to open myself up to being treated like that again.

Creepy neighbor has removed himself from the property for awhile.  I don’t know if it is truly permanent and I can’t go into details but he’s currently not a problem.

And it’s finally raining again.  And I deliberately went walking out in it.  I didn’t need to drive.  I’ve worked in much, much worse and this was not that bad.  And I needed the exercise.  It finally felt like a proper Oregon winter day.  It was nice.

Another day going to bed at a reasonable hour.  I know going out today helped and why I went out.  Hopefully, I can go back to a reasonable sleep schedule.

Well, I’m off to drink my tea and read some of the library books I have.  I checked out more even though I still have five to read and had renewed.  Libraries are awesome but dangerous places.  I almost always check out a book after going there.  There haven’t been many tome that I haven’t.

Six Years!

That’s how long I’ve been on WordPress with this blog.  I’ve changed and grown as has this blog.

Good things and bad things have been going on in my life.  My health issues you heard about yesterday so I’m not going to repeat.  I’m still struggling financially.  My emotional health has also taken a hit.  I still need a job.

But I have really good neighbors.  I am learning new stuff just by borrowing books from the library.  I can still bake awesome oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I have become addicted to tea, again.  And I blame my Secret Santa for my minor addiction to Trader Joe’s chai tea latte. 

Now if I just had money.  I’m doing my taxes sometime this week or next which should help in the funds department.  We’ll see.

Well, I’m off to shower and try to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I stayed up all last night after I saw that it was 3am and still wasn’t tired.  I did clean up some things in my living room at 4am and found a while lot of pennies that should go to the bank.  I’m not a penny hoarder, I swear.  And I rarely use cash so it’s funny I have so many pennies. 

So stuff to do tomorrow.  And the rain is finally back.  Yay!  Yes, I like they rain.

Rumbly in …

Well, I probably really shouldn’t quote Winnie the Pooh because my digestive problems do not indicate a hunger for honey.

Woke up before my alarm went off this morning in pain.  My digestive system decided to revolt again.  So I put the heating pad on my front and tried not to curl up too much since that made things worse.  I also tried not to move because I really wasn’t in the mood to revisit the contents of my stomach.  So going to Mass today was a no go.

I’m still not entirely sure what set it off and why the pain I felt was different.  Right now I’m still have muscle soreness though I managed to avoid a serious round in the bathroom.  I also managed some safe foods yet even they might not be so safe but eating is something I’m leery of right now.  Food is a major turn off.  The soreness doesn’t help either.

So more foods on my can’t eat list.  I’m can narrow down my issues to either IBS or celiac disease.  At this point, treatment is the same:avoiding the foods that trigger a reaction. 

Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I have an application and resume I really need to send out and a new possible job lead.

The Creepies

My downstairs neighbor is creepy.  He’s been coming to his kitchen window that looks into the apartment parking lot and watching me get into my car when I go places.  And tonight, when I got home, he was watching me again.  He came to the window after I pulled into my spot and just stared.  Didn’t just glance, stared.

Not just looking out the window but out and out staring at me.  And he’s not wearing a shirt.  It’s disturbing.  I know he’s bothered my other neighbors, even going out of his way to deliberately frighten her.  And she has major health issues so scaring her is not a good thing to do.

It wasn’t that long ago had problems with one set of neighbors and apartment manager that got so bad I was threatened with eviction.  It was bad.  But bad neighbors and bad apartment manager are gone.  And the neighbors I have now, except for downstairs, are decent.  They’re not perfect but they are decent and they aren’t jerks, which is a huge plus.

But this guy is creepy.  And until he does something there isn’t much I can do.  I just hate.

I was having an okay day until I saw him and some other things didn’t go well.  And then it was at least two different swearing angry vent sessions in my car before I got home.  So yeah, not so good.  I thought about getting beer but got cookies and crazy bread from Little Caesars instead.


Type this later, if I remember.

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