Book Review: The Obesity Myth

Paul Campos, a lawyer, pulls about the myth of obesity.  The first two chapters deal with the scientific studies that allege that America is suffering from an obesity epidemic.  The truth is: we aren’t.   He looks at the actual studies and their results and demonstrates from the science how being 75 pounds “overweight” is much … Continue reading Book Review: The Obesity Myth

Friday the 12th

Almost half way through September. 1. Yay, next door neighbors are completely gone.  I hope the next tenants are better. 2.  It might be September but we’re supposed to be in the 90s the next three days.  I want rain. 3.  The naughty droids are back to the library.  That was an excellent read and … Continue reading Friday the 12th

Friday the 5th

Again, seven.  Not sure how quick these really are. 1.  My library is awesome.  They had the strap for my wallet. 2.  Shakespearean Star Wars is the win. 3.  Yay, no more running toilet.  Well, it’s been fixed so we’ll see. 4.  Some people need to learn how to drive.  Peeling out and nearly running … Continue reading Friday the 5th


Nope, not a Friday Quick Takes.  Just way to use seven. 1. I’m never eating Crazy Bread from Little Caesars again.  Just too plain and tasteless. 2. I lost the strap to my wallet at the library.  I’ll go back tomorrow to see if anyone turned it in but I’m calling it a loss. 3. … Continue reading Thursday