Car Update

So the tow truck showed up.  And my car started again and ran for about two blocks before it died.  The tow truck driver was kind enough to followed so that when my car decided to die again he was able to tow it home for me.  So really funny but really not mostly because … Continue reading Car Update

A Bit Better

Day that is. I ended up taking my car to Les Schwab instead of calling the mechanic the guy gave me.  I like Les Schwab better and I love their service.  Neither the battery or the alternator were really a problem.  Both were doing what they should but I did replace the battery just in … Continue reading A Bit Better

One Of Those Days

One I’ve ended up in tears so many times in the last two hours.  Stupid car.  I had the battery go on me.  I noticed it as I was driving that the windshield wipers were jerking, the radio wasn’t working, and the clock was dying.  I made it to the one auto parts store in … Continue reading One Of Those Days