Yes, The Children

Yesterday’s post garnered quite a lot of attention.  And it brought out the comment trolls.  Policy is still enforced. There was a point that I didn’t make yesterday and applies not just to gays and children but society’s view of children in general.  Children have become a possession instead of the people they actually are.  … Continue reading Yes, The Children

What About The Children?

“Gay marriage ” does not protect children.  It abuses them.  “Gay marriage” provides a “legally” promoted structure that hurts children in every way.  In “gay marriage”, children are property and objects to be taken from their parents and raised in an environment that is oriented towards the adults selfish sexual gratification.  Children lose their God … Continue reading What About The Children?

LGBTQ “Rights”

Update : I posted this and then found out that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of “gay marriage.” Please pray because I will not let this world be destroyed by such horrible acceptance of sin. I still cannot fathom how legislating sin can be beneficial because it isn’t. It’s damaging and destructive. We … Continue reading LGBTQ “Rights”