More Reblogging

Yep, two more reblogs that have to do with girls and consumer culture.  Plus expectations we have for girls and women. The first deals with Disney and how those shows are influencing girls to be cruel, bullies, and buy into a sexist, demeaning stereotype that girls only want to be seen as pretty and that … Continue reading More Reblogging

First Time

Reblogging that is.  My previous post on girls and the color pink is so apropos and so illustrative of the changes and the overwhelming influence consumer culture has on the development of boys and girls.  The US is the only country that permits unlimited advertising to children.  Children are bombarded will consumerist materialism and are … Continue reading First Time

And Then…?

Well, not much really.  I had planned on going to the library again today to work on sending out cover letters and resumes but then my digestive system decided to revolt.  At least this time I managed to knock out the pain with the heating pad. I didn’t want to spend an hour and a … Continue reading And Then…?