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The Differences

I like the trainer we have at work.  He doesn’t make me feel like an idiot and he didn’t chew me out over my login lock out.  He just fixed it instead and didn’t make a big deal about it.  And he fixed it in 48 hours.  Unlike evil security company which I had to fight to fix the email and they wrote me up for something that was completely out of my control.  Evil security company was the one at fault for screwing up but instead of owning up they blamed me and wrote me up.

It’s just that evil security company has permanently screwed me up.  I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, the threats of being written up, the harassment.

But things are looking up as I stated in a previous post.  But I’m still going to be cautious.


I Didn’t Want To Jinx It…

But I got a job!!!!

I don’t start training until next month but still, A Job.

Running on Whines

In which I confess that I can still whine like a four year old but no one is around to call me on it but me.

And yes, I do call out myself for whining.  It usually happens when I’m listing out loud that I’m cold and tired and hungry and therefore whining.  Which makes me giggle.  A few weeks ago I had been listing off all those things and realized I was indeed whining.  So I called myself on it.  Do I still whine? Yeah, but I don’t take myself seriously.  But it is funny, at least to me.

So today was a pretty decent day.  Applied to another job.  Did not pick up more books to read though I did request a few news ones. 

Went and got the free item I had a coupon for but then went shopping which was kind of necessary and had another coupon so it wasn’t too costly.  Draining because I hate to shop.  Thankfully there weren’t that many people in the store but it was taxing.  And why I’m more tired.  (I only got four hours of sleep.)

Got pizza and realize I am at that point in life where pizza is just not something I want to eat anymore. 

Oh, and did another phone survey.  Third one in two months.

Bad Pun Warning

What do you call a pile of cats?

A meowtain.

Told you it was bad.


I am safe.

I am okay.

My boundaries are good for me.

Shit belongs down the toilet and only down the toilet.

No is a full and complete sentence.

My world does not and will not revolve around you.

Respect is not a four letter word.

I am entitled to make my own decisions.

God is not a hammer.

Hammer and nails are only to be used to build houses, not tear down people.

My appearance does not dictate how you get to treat me.

Shaming me only demonstrates how pathetic and miserable you really are.

Friends are not cardboard to be manipulated at your convenience.

I do not tolerate liars.


I had wanted to post these seven things yesterday but the previous post preempted that.

1. New mug.


I won this at the bridal shower.  Finally won something.  By the way, what is a tea caddy?  It’s the small box in the mug and it’s shaped like a teapot but it doesn’t look like it will hold anything but a teabag.  Not knocking, just don’t know what it is.

2. I have now been to Newburg and Sherwood, OR.  Having been to neither place before Sunday, I see this as an accomplishment.

3.  If my grandmother were still alive, she would have turned 96 yesterday.  She lived to 90 after surviving two husbands and breast cancer.  She had three kids, seven grandkids (of course I am one), and five great-grandkids at the time she died.

4.  Apparently, summer isn’t over yet here in Oregon.  Upper 80s on the weekends and upper 70s and low 80s during the week.  I want rain.

5.  The obnoxious next door neighbors are moving out.  Finally.  The grandson is still staying, last I heard though if he does I figure I’ll be making more calls to the police.  There are very good reasons for that.  I just want them all to move out.  Druggies, alcoholics, bullies, and all.

6.  Still working on the naughty Droids.  Yes, still reading The Empire Striketh Back.  It would be hilarious to see this performed as a play.

7.  It’s interesting to read book reviews on Good Reads, then read the book, and not see what the negative reviewers are griping about.  Sometimes, I think some readers expect too much from a book and are glad to be disappointed when it falls to meet their expectations. Or they refuse to give the story a chance.  Maybe I just expect books to be books and it’s dependent on me to find the good and bad instead of the book making that decision for me.

Springy Spring?

Well, things are in bloom and the sun is shining at least.  Temps need to warmer though.

Cherry blossoms




I don’t know what kind of tree this is but I love it when it blooms.



And some nice green grass, the result of all our rain.


So nice day overall.  Got some things done.  Now off to read.

I’m a Nerd

I really am.  I already had three books from the library to still finish (they’re each pretty far enough along but wasn’t close enough to finish before I returned the ones I returned today).  I checked out another ten more.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  Well actually I just really like to read.


Here’s the new stack of books plus one of the ones I need to finish.  Some fiction (4), some nonfiction (6) plus two fiction and one nonfiction to finish. 

What can I say I love the library.

I had wanted to put pictures of the neighbor’s tree and the cherry blossoms in bloom but the picture I took out my bedroom window has the screen in the way.  And I didn’t take any pictures of the cherry blossoms even though there is one right out front of my living room window.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did however finally clean out the trunk of my car.  No more evil security company crap left. I kept the hard hard and one safety vest though I may still get rid of it.  But all the crap is gone. 

Okay, I’m still a need.  But that’s not a bad thing.  🙂


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