Half Way Through

So I’m halfway through my training.  Work itself isn’t that bad but the drive there in the morning (not that the actual drive though) is the worst.  I was in tears this morning, thankfully not for very long though.   But I’ve have constant anxiety and the feeling of a rock sitting in my stomach.  I’ve … Continue reading Half Way Through

Sick of It

I can’t wait for the stupid hearing for my unemployment benefits to be over.  It’s Monday morning.  Right now all I keep thinking is that if I committed suicide right now, this would all be over and the evil security company would be out of my life. I want the evil security company out of … Continue reading Sick of It

Brain Wars

This whole situation with my former employer and unemployment has been dragging me down and screwing me up mentally.  Did I mention that not only do I have depression I also have anxiety?  So now with all this I feel so overwhelmed, feel like the company is going to drag me back to work for … Continue reading Brain Wars

And So It Continues

Of course, now that that stupid letter came, that horrible place keeps popping up in my head.  It’s wearing me out and tearing me down. I remember how I felt working there those last few terrible months.  The extreme stress.  Walking on eggshells not knowing what lies they were going to come up with this … Continue reading And So It Continues

Still Hate But Am Calmer

Well, I’ve calmed down a bit from receiving the stupid letter I mentioned in my previous post.  And I also are some I’ve cream but that.didn’t help any.  Reading.Stuff Funders Like did help because it made me laugh and I needed that more than sugary dairy treats. I looked back at posts I made on … Continue reading Still Hate But Am Calmer