Half Over

Sorry, meant to post sooner but between the stupid cold, probably blowing out my right ear drum, my mental health tanking, and pressing financial issues I just haven’t had the energy to write.  At least I’m healthy again. I hate this time of year because it is hard emotionally.  I never have a good time … Continue reading Half Over

Digging Out

That’s where we’re at weather wise.  Of which I did about two hours of this morning.  I cleared more of the walkway that leads to the stairs up to my apartment.  Cleared the parking spot next to my car and started on my parking spot. Helped a neighbor kid clear more of the parking lot … Continue reading Digging Out

Good and Bad

That’s what last week was. Good in that I seen to be mostly back on a reasonable sleep schedule.  Bad in that my emotional health was at an all time low.  Before medication, I used to cope with these levels of stress and anxiety by what I call researching, which quite literally,means I would research … Continue reading Good and Bad