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Trolling for Kids

Apparently, pointing out how “gay marriage” can potentially hurt children makes me a bigot.  Because name calling *so proves* the same sex parents are “better” at being parents than opposite sex parents.  Sorry, no it doesn’t.

Science has proven time and again that children thrive much better in a home where their mother and father are married to each other.  There is currently no evidence that supports same sex parents being the same as opposite sex parents.  The studies that have been done are too few, too small, and the sampling too self selective. 

I do not hate gays or any one suffering from same sex attraction. I’ve had friends who were gay. They have a heavy burden to bear.  But they have been deceived and lied to about living the homosexual lifestyle and it’s effects on themselves and others.  Children should not be brought into this mess. 

So what if their same sex parents love the children?  Parenting and being good parents is more than just “love”.  But too many people, of all stripes, think love will fix anything and everything.  No, it won’t. Children are abused all the time because their parents “love” them but they are still being abused.  Love is an excuse here and hurts everyone.

Homosexuals need help, not hate. 

They, themselves, are not the issue.  Their sexual acts, their attempt to redefine marriage, and their agitation for “rights” are the problems.  Homosexual people are made in the image and likeness of God.  Same sex attraction is an effect of sin that entered the world at The Fall when Adam disobeyed God and ate of the tree of knowledge. Same sex orientation is a deviance.  It has no evolutionary benefit though the people who suffer from it are not, in any way, at fault from suffering from same sex attraction.

So, my pointing out the problems of “gay marriage” and adding children into the mix does not make me a bigot,  a hater, or a homophobe.  It makes me concerned about all involved.  As someone who has been abused, I choose to speak out against abuse and potential abuse.  I choose to speak for children who cannot or are prevented from speaking for themselves.  I choose to a voice for the voiceless and those who have their voices silenced.  I also stand up for the teachings of the Catholic Church on family and marriage  because they are the best teachings and protect men, women, and children from abuse and violence.

And since I forgot this in my previous post, children born from artificial means are still children worthy of love, protection, dignity, and respect.  Their parents’ decision are not theirs and do not reflect on the personhood of the child.  Children born from these means should not be considered wrong or bad.  They are just children.  Their parents’ decision to use artificial means of procreation is wrong but the children are never wrong.

*insert sarcasm*


Some of the Road to “Gay Marriage”

It all started with Martin Luther.  You know, that guy.  The one who started the Protestant Reformation.  Or more accurately, the loss of millions of souls to man made heresy.  He started the redefinition of marriage saying it was not a sacrament and even allowing polygamy (Defenders of the Faith).

Protestantism opened the door for unrestrained free market capitalism.  Why worry about your immortal soul when you can make money now and enjoy its rewards now?  Besides, with Protestantism, only those in your really special group are going to Heaven so manipulate others into slaving away for money and cheap goods.  And you can just start your own with its own beliefs and moral codes if you don’t like anyone else’s.

Claim religious persecution  (never mind the persecution you and your group have wrought; Puritans persecuted and were very intolerant) and leave to a “new” land.  Persecute anyone coming from your home country if they differ religiously from you or abuse them until they conform to your ways and beliefs.   This will work for a few centuries till you appear to have changed your ways only to better hide your hate so that you can continue to have power to abuse, harass, and even kill those you still don’t believe exactly as you do. 

Allege to get fed up with your home country and declare freedom and war.  Go to war.  Win.  Right a Constitution that guarantees rights to the religious majority but with the end ideal being freedom from all religion, especially Christianity (Reinventing Liberal Christianity). Religion should be kept private and in the home.  Keep up the harassment and abuse and slavery and classism and racism. Enlightenment has shown you the truth of these as well as “science”.  Harass, bully, and kill Catholics just to prove that you are “better” than them.  Fail.

Make money.  Explore the country you “bought” and harass and abuse the local natives who lived here first.  Do so quietly at first because you can buy their land from them at a steal.  Start a war over slavery but isn’t really about slavery at all.  One side wins, the other loses and the slaves are no longer called slaves but suffer the same conditions and abuses.  Keep oppressing and legislate that oppression into law.

Create legislation that puts local natives on reservations, keeps freed slaves from gaining any rights, and keeps immigrants from anything but slave labor.  Remember,  Enlightenment taught us the inferiority of those not white, Anglo, straight, and Protestant. Science and reason support.  Legislate involuntary sterilization on those deemed “unfit” (Buck v. Bell; Three Generations, No Imbeciles).  We don’t want undesirables reproducing.

Church of England will change their teaching on birth control in 1930 and the damage to women, men, children, families, marriages, and society has been horrendous and mind boggling. Objectivation of women becomes mandatory.  More people stop believing in God or following His precepts.

Allow women to work for the war effort then force them home again when the men return.  They’re only good as wives and mothers.  Actually, they are only sexual objects.  Start using women as sexual objects in advertising.

Create the Pill so that women can be “free” from pregnancy but in reality enslaves women to much worse.  Fill everyone’s heads with lies about free love, no fault divorce, sex without consequences, abortion and the right to choose, the right of a woman to her own body.  Make sex all about pleasure rather than the marital embrace about unity and procreation.

The Catholic Church will stand up for the truth (“Humanae Vitae”) but end up ridiculed by even her own children for “not getting with the times”.  Many will choose to violate Church teaching on sex and marriage and will promote those sins.  Many will leave the Catholic Church but many more with stay and try to force a change.  They unfortunately succeed at the individual level. 

See sin promoted as normal on TV and in books.  Treat those that see sin as sin as irrelevant and stuck in the past.  Ignore and deride them publicly and frequently.  Brag about how having sex all the time will many different people is wonderful.  Brag about how abortion is a woman’s right and how babies are now wanted.  Brag about how birth control lets women have sex when they want with whomever they want without consequences.  Brag about how religion is antiquated and has no use anymore but protect those in “persecuted ” religions.  Christianity is not one of them.

Create computers and the World Wide Web.  Make it so that everyone has to use it to do business.  Use it to influence and manipulate businesses and governments to do what the Electronic Herd wants (The Lexus and the Olive Tree).  Use it for social justice means and gatherings.  Use it to commit crimes, to pander pornography and abuse, to traffic in human lives.

Start showing gay people everywhere.   Ignore and even cover up truths about homosexuality.  Portray them as no different than everyone else.  Play up the lies about being persecuted and harassed.  Talk about rights and how gays just want to love their partner.  Continue to ignore the promiscuity, the abuse, the child sex abuse, the high levels of STDs among gays.  Ignore how gays bully and abuse other gays and straights at much higher rates than straights on gays. 

Create the concept of “hate crimes” that applies to only gays and “persecuted religions”.  Catholics will be attacked and even killed, in one case, for supporting Church teaching on marriage but this case never gets accurately reported or treated as a hate crime or that it was a  gay man attacking a Catholic woman for being Catholic.

Create a culture of me.  Make everything about the individual and their rights, wants, “needs”.  Elevate narcissism to new heights (The Impulse Society). Disdain marriage and child rearing.  Make money, sex, and pleasure the end all of everything.  Villify those that want tradition marriage with distinct sex and gender roles and children.  Allow God to exist only as a vending machine. 

Give out free birth control to teens and pre-teens in school and teach explicit sex education as a means of preventing “teen pregnancy”.  Belittle and demean abstinence and chastity as useless and pointless and something that only “those weird, stupid Christians” do.  Keep pushing how pleasurable and wonderful sex is and how to have “safe sex”.  If they get pregant, they can just have an abortion and adults will even drive teens and children across state lines to procure an abortion.

Hell, tell girls that they can just use abortion as a form of birth control.  They do not have to take responsibility for their actions.  If a teenage girl or even a young girl is raped, they can get an abortion. The rapist can walk right into the clinic with the rape victim and force her to get an abortion and he will never be caught.  He can go on raping her until he gets bored and moves onto another victim.  Laws about mandatory reporting don’t matter in abortion.  Only the abortion matters.  The girl has no rights or protections but the rapist, child molesters, abortion doctors, etc. do.

Make marriage about “love” not about holiness and children (Catechism of the Catholic Church).  Make love just a feeling instead of a choice of will, and action, and a sacrifice.   Then bully, bully, bully.

That’s how you get “gay marriage”.  It’s also how polygamy will be judicially imposed within the next ten years, making it “legal”.  There are already cases in the works for that.  Pedophilia is not far behind.  Hell, there was a conference somewhere in England just in the last few months that argued that pedophilia is a “”normal”” sexual orientation and that 1 in 35 British men are oriented that way.  Hogwash but it has already started.  (The double quotation marks are to emphasize how wrong that term is in regards to a deviant, criminal behavior that has the sexual abuse of children as its aim.)

That’s how, in brief overview, we in America got “gay marriage”. And yet, not all is lost.  They have a “legal” “right” to “marriage” but not a sacramental privilege.  And marriage is a privilege, not a right.  And those that “gained” the “right” to “gay marriage” have still lost.  They are still in mortal sin that is offensive to God. 

They are not in a true marriage and never will be, no matter the legal wrangling and decay of culture and the true meaning of words. But they can still repent and give up their sinful ways.  Gays who live this way are not totally lost though if they do not repent and become chaste they will be lost forever.

We still have a fight on our hands because many gays and their supporters want to force churches to perform “gay marriages” regardless of what those churches profess and believe.  They are the ones persecuting people, especially Christians. 

Many Christians, and especially the Catholic Church, hold to the true teaching of marriage and sex that God revealed and created.  Many gays and even many “Christians” don’t like that and want to force them to change.  They’ll even deliberately misinterpret the Bible to show acceptance for their support of sin.  But for those of us who hold to the truth about sex and marriage as God created need to keep strong,  keep the faith, and pass the Faith on to others accurately so that they know the truth and about sin.  And so that they don’t fall into sin.

We can change the world.  It will take time, prayer, persistence, and real God oriented love.  Nothing is impossible with God.  We must trust Him and ask for His help and grace.  So pray.  And don’t be a jerk in teaching the truth.

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How We Got “Gay Marriage”

Deleted post due to the fact that I think the topic needs more research, well citations, on my part and all of these books are at the public library or online. It’s something I see but I’m not sure I can convince others of. But these books have influenced my thinking in the regards to how “gay marriage” unfortunately came about and how the slippery slope of other perversions being made legal will happen within the next decade.

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Being Against Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You a Homophobe – Atlantic Mobile

The author makes a good point especially now words like homophobe and hate get thrown around especially when some one doesn’t tow the party line of “gay should be celebrated and worshipped and anyone who disagrees or doesn’t comply or isn’t gay must automatically hate gays and so much be called names and shouted down.”

As someone who is against same sex marriage and civil unions, my support of a marriage as defined between one man and woman for the rest of their natural life into natural death comes front understanding of what marriage is and how it is lived determined how civilization continued.

I don’t hate gays or lesbians or transgendered or transsexual people.  They are made in the image and likeness of God, just like me.  Their sexuality is a part of them but it is not all of them, as they have bought into.  Their sexual acts are the problem.  They are not.  They aren’t anymore evil or horrible or depraved than I am.  They do have a very heavy burden/cross to bear but they’ve aren’t automatically condemned to Hell just for existing.

People choose to go to Hell by committing persistent and unrepentant mortal sin along with persistent and unrepentant persistence in heresy.  And yet, God is merciful and wants to forgive.  Unfortunately, too many have come into  contact with a God like that in Jonathan Edwards “A Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God”  where “God” is a tyrant who waits in glee to torture and destroy human beings.  They come into contact or are exposed to a Calvinist “God” who delights in sending people to Hell and has no love or mercy or forgiveness.  This “God” exists in too many churches, even among Catholics who should know better. 

God is not a tyrant or a terrorist or a merciless misery.  God is love and yet we don’t know or can’t feel it or don’t believe it because too many of us were just not loved or shown loved or were just outright abused.  And worse, God was used to abuse us.  We were best over the head to obey or comply or not do this or must do that otherwise God sends little girls like you to Hell.  Something I am way to familiar with.

Our churches, our society, our world has no idea what love truly is let alone that God is love.  This is something I struggle with.  Someone who suffers from same sex attraction has a worse time understanding that you can be loved and yet have what you perceive as freedoms and rights seen as sins.  Love is free but it is not license.  Just because you “love” someone does not mean it is “right” or that your “love” should be protected.

Gay marriage has opened the way for polygamy to become legal.  We’ve already seen one court case in Utah pace the way so it would be very long until it reaches the federal court, the Supreme Court and they’ll decide to allow it.  Then we have just slid down the slippery slope into child marriage (which fundamentalist and homeschoolers already advocate) and then legalizing pedophilia.  People think it won’t happen but it will. 

Warning: Traditionalists are Hazardous to Your Health

It’s true.  Reading “Tradionalist” material is seriously dangerous to your mental and physical health.

It will cause you to get angry because you start thinking you have been lied to, deceived, and that you aren’t a good enough Catholic.

It will cause you to get depressed because you start thinking you are a bad and horrible Catholic that will never be good enough, that you aren’t being heard or loved by God because you aren’t praying in Latin/veiling/not wearing skirts/homeschooling/praying the Rosary five times a day/attending only the EF and putting down and calling everyone else who attends the OF heretics and horrible Catholics and name calling priests and bishops because they aren’t forcing the EF on everyone and supressing the OF outright.

It will cause you to get angry because only you see how the world will be saved by going back to the EF and destroying the OF because it isn’t pretty enough Mass with horrible translations when you know that praying in Latin is the only way God will hear you and answer your prayers otherwise you are just babbling.

It will cause you to get angry that women have rights, can wear pants, work, drive, etc. when they should be confined to the home, barefoot and pregnant and if they get out of line, beaten to keep them in line because they are second class creatures that God created to serve men entirely and not to be individuals of their own.

It will cause you to start thinking that you are doing everything wrong because you not obeying these “wise and all knowing” “traditionalists” who seem to have it all together and are perfectly holy and even can read the mind of God.

It will cause you to beat yourself up, start starving yourself and calling it fasting since you didn’t go far enough during Lent, saying yes to everyone who asks you for a favor even though it will cause you great harm to agree, and allow everyone to walk all over you and abuse you because you’ve come to believe that this is what a “Good Catholic Woman” looks like.

It will cause you to start looking for all the sin in other people’s lives from not wearing skirts (which lead a man to damnation since it is a woman’s fault he sins), to sending their children to public schools which “traditionalists” all know are bastions of pagan homosexual anti-Catholic propoganda that will lead poor Johnny straight to Hell if you don’t perform an exorcism according the pre-Vatican II rite to using NFP which says that you are distrusting God and his command to be fruitful and multiply to women enjoying sex to talking about sex at all to women not submitting like a slave and doing whatever their husband commands and do it right now or you are going to Hell and taking the whole family with you.

It will cause you to start thinking of seriously beating yourself with a whip  show that you are sorry for all the mortal sins you committed just today (which since you are a woman means you commit more mortal sins and more horrible ones at that then men who are nearly perfect and women are demons from Hell) (women commit a mortal sin just by existing).

It will cause you to get very angry because you realize that no matter what you do or don’t do or dress or pray that you are going to Hell anyway, just like your mother always predicted.

I wish “Tradionalist” Catholics would learn that all they are doing is hurting people and the Church.  NO one wants to be hurt especially not in the name of Jesus.

Why I Won’t Be Watching the New Stargate

SyFy (really? can anyone say too much Tweeter or teenspeak?) canceled Stargate: Atlantis after only 5 seasons.  And for a while, I didn’t agree with the opinions out there that those two season were bad because Mallozzi and Mulli had taken over production and writing for the series.  Then I saw the Fifth season.  Okay, Rodney McKay may be a bit self-centered and bit egotistical but after four years on Atlantis and all he’s been through he would not have been the jerk he was written as in “Search and Rescue.”  Season Four did a half (blank) job on showing Rondey as human and caring for others.  And now he goes back to being like the jerk he was before he joined the Atlantis expedition?  NO.  It’s like the writers and producers forgot their audience actually paid attention to the show, to characters, and saw what was happening.  They tried to sell the viewers a bill of goods and it didn’t fly for many.  Even more so is the fact that they just swept difficult and morally challenged issues (Lucius Loven and his “drug” that was pretty much a date rape drug comes to mind) under the rug.

Science fiction, at least it used to be, dealt with the difficult moral and ethical questions.  Challenging what we held to be right and wrong but still agreeing that right and wrong were still very much black and white.  Stargate seems to have forgotten morality and chucked it out the window.  So has mch of society but I don’t think it’s the only factor involved.

Stargate: Universe premiers in October.  However, I will not be watching and not only because I don’t have a working TV nor do I have cable.  Once I found out that two of the main characters were going to be homosexual and blatanly so,  I refused to watch.  I won’t support or watch something I find morally offensive especially to my faith.  Why cater to a very small minority that already gets plenty of air time on major TV networks?  Not only that, but the plot is a rip off of Star Trek: Voyager  (lost, far from home and not sure they’re going to get back; sound familiar?) (guess they’ll ruin the ending of the show and how they get home like they did on Voyager because hey, they can just follow that plot) with lots of soap opera style elements thrown in.  When did science fiction become just about sex?  No, really?  When?

Last week, a character description got leaked and it causes an uproar.  Read Here. Why?  Because it was offensive in its description of a severely physically impaired person, calling the person “physically useless.”  I also find this horribly offensive to anyone who has any sort of impairment.  Who decided usefulness or worth based on physical ability?  Well, unfortunately, many in society do especially in American where physical agility and beauty is rewarded with million dollar contracts and endorsements with large media outlets forcing these rewardees in our faces.  While the producers apologized, it was all the talk on Gateworld and other sites.  Why?  Not just because of the offensive remarks made in the description but about comments from MGM’s spokesperson on how the lesbian of the show, Camilla Wray (played by Ming-Na) has the only “healthy relationship” on the show.  Apparently, there will be some body-swapping going (like one of the comments, hello? 2009 here; come up with something new for once) and the physcially impaired person will swap bodies with the lesbian and then have sex with another male character on the ship.  First, why and when did having sex imply or make someone a person whole?  (Actually, the comment in question states it better.)  But this is where it really gets interesting because many of the commenters are saying this is rape (I agree, just because you swap bodies doesn’t mean you possess or get to do anything you like with the body that isn’t yours) and there are others who are saying it’s not because swapping bodies means you get to do anything in that body.  Read the really bad opinion piece and comments here.

But one commenter brought up Christopher Reeves.  He was paralyzed from the neck down as a result of an accident.  The commenter stated that if Christopher had the opportunity to swap bodies and have sex with his wife, he’d do it in a heartbeat.  Hold on a minute.  One, this supposes that Christopher had no consideration for the person he was swapping bodies with.  Two, it supposes that Christopher can only love his wife and demonstrate his love for his wife through sex (apparently all those years of marriage didn’t mean a thing to this person).  Three, it supposes that it is morally acceptable for one person to take control of another person’s body, even through body-swapping, and use it for their own purposes.  Unfortunately, Mr. Reeves is dead so we can’t ask him but I don’t think he would be that callous to want to swap bodies with someone and then use that body in a way that the person wouldn’t use his/her own body for.  I would consider it wrong for someone who swapped bodies to just do anything with that body that isn’t theirs.  Anything you would do in that body would be causing harm (outside normal functions of eating, sleeping, and personal hygiene) and would even be considered assault, battery, and in some cases, rape.  You don’t have the authority or the ability to just do anything with a body that isn’t yours.  It really doesn’t surprise me that there are people out there who would see knothing wrong with using a body that isn’t theirs for their own purposes and without any regards to the consequences.  They see nothing wrong because they don’t consider it their body so they don’t have to take responsibility for it and what they do.  It’s the sad state of the world today.  Nobody wants to take responsibility anymore.


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