Stupid Anxiety

I’m still freaking out about starting the job tomorrow.  I drove out to the place to see how long it would take and as I was driving away from there I really didn’t want to go to work tomorrow. I got to the grocery store and was fighting back tears.  I told myself to give … Continue reading Stupid Anxiety

Went To Interview

And I’m not taking the job. Not that it was going to work anyways because I don’t work weekends. But I went in knowing I was going to say no and that helped immensely. I will find a job so I’m not worried. I do feel better mentally especially since I was up before noon.  … Continue reading Went To Interview

Pre-job Anxiety

I have spent the last week dealing with a constant level of anxiety.  I was first worried that the background check would fail or the training date would be pushed back.  Then it was the details of when, where, and what to wear.  I got that info yesterday and today.  But still freaking out. The … Continue reading Pre-job Anxiety

Changing Reactions

Sorry, this is not a post helping Chemistry students. I had to text my mother yesterday to ask for a bit more money for the month (car registration is due) and she gets on me about finding a job and how I need to apply with a temp agency. (Which wouldn’t change anything but I … Continue reading Changing Reactions

Call Back

I finally heard back from one of my job applications.  This was one I filled out online back in January.  I have an interview Tuesday morning.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m still looking for something that would allow me to work mostly by myself though this job would at least bring in money to … Continue reading Call Back

I’ve Applied

Finished the one job application.  So now waiting to hear back. Also, parents are giving me money tomorrow to pay bills so that is also one less worry. I’m going to look for more seasonal work if only because I know they’re hiring right now and it will be a good foot back in the … Continue reading I’ve Applied