A Day Later

So here it is, nearly 24 hours later.  I didn’t get to Mass at all last night.  It was about 6 before my crying stopped enough and I knew that going to the last half of Mass wouldn’t cut it.  And I was still crying and had run out of tissues.  So I left and … Continue reading A Day Later

Holiness Smackdown

If you’re thinking I’m going to be writing about Pentacostals or wrestling or Pentacostals wrestling (though somebody probably would pay to see that, I’m sure), I’m actually going to be writing about Lent. Lent.  Those forty days when Catholics are pressured by other pew sitting Catholics into a competition of holiness.  I’m not kidding.  I … Continue reading Holiness Smackdown

Cleaning Up

While it mostly involved my living room, (I made my sofa clean and comfy so I will sit in it again; don’t ask, it’s a thing) I also want to cover the last part of Lent. It’s Holy Week.  While there is much to be said about Holy Week, like how I have a small … Continue reading Cleaning Up

Lent: It’s NOT Punishment

I think that’s where I’ve failed in the past.  Seeing Lent as a time of punishment, of castigating myself, to make up for all my failures.  I had never heard Lent as anything other than as doing without, sacrificing, giving up, abstaining, faster.  Always loss, no gain.  There was no going towards anything, no journey, … Continue reading Lent: It’s NOT Punishment

It’s Begun

Lent, that it.  I still have many other posts I should finish and post but part of my Lenten observerance this year involves updates and posts here. This year for Lent I am: Going meatless (I do this every year) No pizza (something I’ve done the last few years) Apply or at least look for … Continue reading It’s Begun