Feeling Like an Idiot

As soon as I feel lime I’ve got a grasp on social interaction and niceties, the rules change and I’m left learning a whole new way of doing things. I know I’ve always been socially inept but at least I’ve been able to fake it. Anymore I can’t even do that. I took out the … Continue reading Feeling Like an Idiot

New Meds Again

Sorry I’ve been away.  I just have no interest in things.  And no energy The Welbutrin didn’t help or hurt so the doc put me on Lexapro.  Two big side effects : increased anxiety and screwed up sleep.  Not fun.  I told the doc if this one didn’t work then I want to be off … Continue reading New Meds Again


That’s largely what I feel right now, numb.  I believe that’s a,little bit from being back on my medication again.  It will pass but the numbness existed before I went back on my meds.  I’m back on them, at least the small supply I have, to get through the next couple months.  Plus, I was … Continue reading Numb