One Of Those Days

So I never did hear from the bureaucracy. I waited all day.  I’ll deal with it on Monday, maybe.  But with how many times I’ve dealt with them in the last few months and they said they would call, all of this is on them.  I did call the phone company to try and fix … Continue reading One Of Those Days

Call Back

I finally heard back from one of my job applications.  This was one I filled out online back in January.  I have an interview Tuesday morning.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m still looking for something that would allow me to work mostly by myself though this job would at least bring in money to … Continue reading Call Back

I’ve Applied

Finished the one job application.  So now waiting to hear back. Also, parents are giving me money tomorrow to pay bills so that is also one less worry. I’m going to look for more seasonal work if only because I know they’re hiring right now and it will be a good foot back in the … Continue reading I’ve Applied

Half Over

Sorry, meant to post sooner but between the stupid cold, probably blowing out my right ear drum, my mental health tanking, and pressing financial issues I just haven’t had the energy to write.  At least I’m healthy again. I hate this time of year because it is hard emotionally.  I never have a good time … Continue reading Half Over