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Just No

It’s doing this again. (Not a current picture; this is from the last one)

My opinion via Grumpy Cat

This has been one wack winter.  I’m sick of snow. It’s still coming down and I don’t think I’ll be making it to 5:30 Spanish Mass.  


My Demand Has Been  Ignored 

This is wrong.  

We’re supposed to get at least 6 inches. AT LEAST.  So, so wrong. 

Since the beginning of December:

Days with snow so far: 7-9

Freezing rain: 2

“Normal” winter weather as in rain: 1

Days with Temps below 40: I think 30, give or take

Apparently,  our typical winter weather has taken a vacation and we’re stuck with this. 

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Appropriate musical theme due to the weather. It’s pouring and I mean pouring rain and thunder and lightening.  It’s awesome. I love a good storm even if it’s 10:55pm.

Not Again?!?! With Photos

So here’s the photographic evidence.


Yes, those are postal vehicles because that's the back of post office.




Yes, that street is indeed going downhill. This town is full of hills because we're right up against the Costal Mountains. And yes, that tree is really freaking tall. There are several of those around town.






My poor car.

Not Again?!?!

Yes, it is snowing. Again.

It wasn’t supposed to start until this afternoon but when I woke up at 8:30 there was already snow on the ground. And it had been below freezing (it had been clear when I went to bed just a few short hours earlier) and is still below freezing out there.

There’s over an inch out there right now. There is no sign of stopping. We’re supposed to get freezing rain later after several inches. And I think there is ice under the snow which I won’t drive on or in. I’m too afraid of getting into another accident.

So I’m not going to Mass today. I wanted to go because I haven’t been out of the apartment since Thursday, it would have been one of my last chances to sing Christmas music, and I needed to go grocery shopping. I’ll still be going out to mail my rent but that’s just a short walk to the post office.

I hate snow. If it would just stay off the roads I would be happy.

This is The “Evil”

I hate snow.  This is what I came home to after Mass and a quick run to the grocery store. This all started about 11 am and now it’s almost 2 pm. This is wrong and I totally called it when I found out the snow level for the mountain range we sit up against dropped to 500 ft.





And yes, it is still coming down.

Day 23

Of rain in Oregon. And we had sun before that.  If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and you’ll get something else. Think we could go for 40? We might have borrow Noah’s ark, though.

And in other news, it looks like I’ll be celebrating Christmas on my own. No one has invited me for dinner.  Not what I wanted but I planned for it anyways. 

I actually managed to get a shower today. All just to go to the post office.  And then I thought that if I was dressed up I should go out. I didn’t but at least the energy and desire was there. Considering my depression has been really bad this year with the added anxiety of possibly losing my food stamps at New Year’s due to stupid changes in the rules, I’ve been grateful for even a minor boost in energy and activity.

Now if my sleep could be sorted out. I do not get sleepy and melatonin doesn’t help anymore. And staying asleep is hard. I sleep maybe two hours at a time. And then I’ll sleep for ten hours which really screws things up. So yeah.


Type this later, if I remember.

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