Seven Hours Later

This was at 12:23 am At 7:16 am: It looks like it’s closer to a foot of snow out there and we still have the potential to get more this morning. This ties with the Storm of ’08 for most snow in one day. At least this time we didn’t have freezing rain on top … Continue reading Seven Hours Later

No More Snow

I am making a major demand here: no more snow or freezing rain or ice or temps below freezing. None of that, whatsoever. I’m sick of it. I didn’t go to Mass this morning due to the weather. The ice alone made it very unsafe. The state police said stay home unless absolutely necessary. I … Continue reading No More Snow

To Those Commenters

To Those Commenters: You know who you are.  The attacks, the lies, the name calling, the vitriol do not endear you to me.  Telling me I’m stupid and that I know nothing about guns or crime does not help you.  It’s just an attack because you do not want to take seriously anything I have … Continue reading To Those Commenters