A Day

Three days in a row I’ve managed to get out of my apartment and do something.  When dealing with depression and anxiety, this is a big deal. This is the oldest educational building West of the Mississippi.  This is on campus of my alma mater. It’s current location is a result of a move they … Continue reading A Day


So I’ve been walking for at least thirty minutes every morning.  Tiring, exhausting, and sore but the views are nice. Would you believe I had to look up to get these?  Blackberries are a weed, a delicious weed, but still a weed that grows out of control if not aggressively pruned.  So they can get … Continue reading Mmm…Blackberries

Just a Moment

I wish I still did photography as a hobby.  This is a pic of Henry Hagg Lake in Oregon.  It’s not all that far of a drive for me from where I live.  Photography was a bit of a soothing hobby for me plus something I was pretty decent at.  I could shoot a roll … Continue reading Just a Moment