Hurt by the Church?

Mark Shea has a good post for those “hurt by the Church”. Good for those who haven’t been hurt as well. As someone who has been struggling with fellow Catholics (particularly in regards to comments on my blog from Catholic bloggers who want to rip me to shreds, condemn me to Hell, demand that I … Continue reading Hurt by the Church?

The Morality of Weight

Is being “overweight”* a moral issue? (And what is “overweight”?) No, unless you are a glutton but most people who are called “overweight” or have weight or body issues are not gluttons. They are just fat and there is nothing wrong with being fat and healthy. Thin is thin and fat is fat and neither … Continue reading The Morality of Weight

Depression Sucks

As the title says, depression sucks.  I’m stuck in a spiral, out of control, everything is getting worse world where no one even notices that I’m hurting or refuses to acknowledge it or want me to hide everything I feel because making them feel bad is the unforgivable sin. I’m too fat.  Jeans I only … Continue reading Depression Sucks

Dress Code Dictators

So I spend time on Catholic Answers Forums.  While there are a few sub-forums that I don’t visit on purpose or that I am not interested in, the Traditional Catholicism sub-forum is one I read to help understand people who make claims that sound “more Catholic than the Pope” especially about things like dress, Mass … Continue reading Dress Code Dictators