Writing A Bad Day

I had to write this out with paper and own because I was in such a bad headspace earlier.  I write this in just over an hour with several crying jags and moments of extreme anger that resulted with me hitting myself.  Like I said, not a good headspace. Today is one of my bad … Continue reading Writing A Bad Day

A Letter to Traddies

(If you have no interest it knowledge of Catholicism or the traditionalist movement in Catholicism, then this post is not for you.  If you are interested or just curious, go ahead and read.) Dear Traditionalists, You suck!  You’re superiority complex in regards to Latin and tradition is appalling and a huge turn off to those … Continue reading A Letter to Traddies

Some People

In this case, I mean traditionalists.  They just make me so angry especially when they accuse those that attend the OF as being judgmental and closeminded when I find that it is the traditionalists that are so judgemental and arrogant and judge others by their very untenable and unrealistic standards.  If you don’t fit into … Continue reading Some People

Darkness and Light

I finally get to go back on my medication.  I went to the doctor this morning and found out that I should have been able to pick up the next phase in my medication but it wasn’t made clear to me.  It totally sucked to find that out.  It also sucked to find out that … Continue reading Darkness and Light